Children are the future, and it is important to allow young people – young men, especially – the chance to grow and develop among their peers. Our Wisconsin-based organization prides itself on taking at-risk youth from the surrounding communities and enhancing their lives through hands-on experiences and activities. Many of the changes that participants go through during their time working with the organization will remain close to their hearts for the duration of their lives, forever improving their outlook on the future. Your car donations prove to be more than just a deduction.

Camps Offered

Two of our most beneficial and popular camps include both the Winter and Summer Adventure Camp. These week-long programs are designed to provide the at-risk youth with opportunities that they would otherwise not have. These camps are more than fun; they also provide learning experiences that can even count toward school credit. In order to earn this credit, participants – the young men attending the camps – must complete all assigned activities, as well as show character development; an trait that is increasingly necessary for survival and success in today’s world.

Camp Activities

For many young men, it is easy to blend in and follow the crowd, but Rawhide’s camp experiences provide the future leaders of the community with the chance to step outside of their comfort zone and learn new skills that will help them during their life journeys. In the summer, typical outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, rock climbing and canoeing are intertwined with skill and character development like team work, honesty, integrity, problem solving and self confidence… just a few of the things they may not be able to experience at home or in their daily lives. Winter camp experiences offer the same benefit, although the outdoor activities are swapped out for sled riding, snow tubing, hockey, ice fishing and the most unique – snow volleyball. All of the activities offered focus on personal development, and teaching invaluable skills that will be required for a successful life.

While these camps may seem like the typical experiences for youngsters, the truth is that your car donations support activities that are offered are meant to specifically help those deemed “at-risk” learn to better themselves. The term “better” doesn’t simply refer to their behavior outwardly, but also the way that they feel and think about themselves. Not every young man is lucky enough to grow up surrounded by positive influences, but the week spent at camp will ensure that these boys see how great life can be – and what it feels like to be surrounded with positivity and praise, along with others who are in the same situation.

Car Donations Make These Camps Possible

Rawhide‘s continued ability to help relies on support from the community in the form of charitable donations – car donations, monetary support, and volunteering. All of these donations are necessary for the organization to continue functioning, and providing these formative, valuable events for the surrounding community. The formative years of a young man’s life set the tone for his behaviors as an adult, and Rawhide’s goal is to demonstrate the benefits of actively participating in a community setting – making friends, having fun, and learning about themselves in the process.