Hello! My name is Avion and I want to share my Rawhide journey.

When I first came to Rawhide, I was struggling with anger and did not like all the rules I had to follow. As I tried to find my place here, I quickly realized the staff truly cares about us, and I began to see Rawhide as a place of opportunity. I recently finished the career development class and learned how to create a resume to apply for a job back home. This month, I am taking the Job Training Automotive class so I can learn how to fix vehicles and save money.

Since I’ve been here, I learned I am going to be a father. It helped me find motivation to grow as a person so I can be a better role model for my daughter. I want her to have everything I never had and make sure she has healthy, positive experiences growing up. I am most proud of myself for being open about building a relationship with God. I pray every day and go to church every week with my houseparents.

Thanks to your donation, I got the chance to change the direction of my life. I am now healing from my past, building a relationship with God, making better choices, getting new experiences, and living more peacefully.