Hello! My name is Tony and I want to tell you about my time at Rawhide.

When I learned I was Student of the Month, I told staff I had never felt this way before. They helped me understand that the emotion I was feeling was pride. For the first time in my life, I feel proud of myself!

I came to Rawhide in January 2021 after making some bad choices influenced by my peers and by my internal anger I didn’t quite understand at the time.

Rawhide has helped me learn how to understand my emotions and better express myself to others. This has been especially helpful in building my relationship with my mom. Each week, we have family sessions where I feel more confident talking about my feelings.

I also learned that I can do a lot of school work when I am in a quiet space and have time to focus. It helped me discover my love for math. When I leave Rawhide, I am considering a career in welding.

I connected the most with my case manager, Ms. Stephanie, because she introduced me to the Harry Potter series. She has also been teaching me life skills I can use in my future. 

I am grateful for all the things you do as donors. Thank you for supporting us at Rawhide!