Hello! My name is Brentin and I want to tell you my story.

I am 15-years-old from Rhinelander. I enjoy doing BMX when I am with my mom and hunting and fishing when I am with my dad. After years of being back and forth between my parents’ homes, I began hanging out with the wrong crowd. We broke into cars and stole things. One time, I stole a weapon I found in one of the cars and got caught by police. It made me sad to know my parents were disappointed in me for making bad choices and I was worried where I would end up.

Luckily, I was sent to Rawhide for a second chance instead of jail. A month after being here, I started building relationships with some of the staff. I really enjoy it when they want to spend quality time with me, playing games or hanging out. I am proud of myself for focusing on my schoolwork and making better choices.

I earned the Student of the Month because I began meeting more of my program goals, improving my behaviors, and encouraging the other boys in my home to keep working hard. My biggest motivation to successfully complete my program is to make my parents proud. When I return home, I plan to find a new group of friends to help me stay out of trouble and finish high school.

Thank you for donating to Rawhide so boys like me can get in the right mindset for a successful future.