Hello! My name is Lee and I want to share part of my story.

When I was younger, my parents didn’t make the best choices. There were a lot of strangers in and out of our home, and some of them were violent with each other. For the last eight years, I have lived with my grandma, and only talk to my parents randomly on the phone.

Before Rawhide, I didn’t trust anyone. At first, I argued a lot with the staff, but now I feel comfortable and safe with them, even sometimes sharing my sense of humor.

My therapist at Rawhide helped me learn how to cope with my anger. I know that when I return home, I will remember the good people here who helped me learn how to trust myself to find healthier friends.

I am grateful for the opportunities to catch up on missing school credits, tour a technical college and be part of a career development class to teach me how to be successful in life. When I leave Rawhide, I will find a job, graduate high school and get my license to become a semi-truck driver.

Thank you to those who support Rawhide to give us the experience we deserve and teach people like me who want to learn to do good things.