Many guys have no idea what to expect upon arrival at Rawhide. How strict would the program be? Would they have any freedom? Whatever they picture, chances are they don’t expect an opportunity to play basketball and compete against other local schools.

Benefits of Team Sports

Rawhide guys may play basketball for the Starr Academy All-Stars team during their time on the ranch. The team plays from late November to mid-February and competes against schools in the Fox Valley and Green Bay area. They also take an annual trip to play on Washington Island in Door County, Wisconsin. Organized sports like our basketball program benefits troubled youth in many ways, such as:

  1. Building self-confidence as skills improve and they contribute to the team’s efforts
  2. Releasing chemicals in the brain that enhance problem solving and decision making abilities
  3. Setting new, healthy habits
  4. Learning how to function within a team, cooperating with team members to achieve a goal
  5. Experiencing consequences to their behaviors and the effects on others. If a guy on the team acts out during the day, he may not be allowed to play in the next game.

Running with the Opportunity

The team hosts their home games on the ranch inside the Chester L. Krause Fieldhouse which is part of our Starr Academy. Rawhide’s math instructor, Scott Wilson, is the All Stars’ coach and truly enjoys working with the students. His favorite part of coaching is seeing his players’ grow personally and develop skills. He also loves to see his guys play for teams after they leave Rawhide. One of his former players was even on a Wisconsin State Basketball Tournament team!

One of Coach Wilson’s favorite memories was when the team beat Bay City Baptist. The game went into overtime, and the All-Stars earned the victory with some excellent defensive pressure.

According to Coach Wilson, the guys appreciate the trips to different schools. These trips allow them to showcase their growth outside of the ranch for possibly the first time since arriving at Rawhide. The communities they visit get to see Rawhide’s effectiveness. The All-Stars do a fantastic job representing Rawhide in a positive light.

The hard work the guys put into the games stands out as well. They play with such passion and focus and communicate incredibly well together. They display incredible sportsmanship by helping their opponents up when they fall to the ground and patting them on the back after impressive plays. They also show respect for the referees and for their teammates by congratulating each other after big plays. Being a part of the team means a lot to them, and they show it both on and off the court.

Playing Hard, Smart, and Together

This season, the All-Stars played hard against the Wyldewood Baptist Warriors, pulling away in the fourth quarter to earn a 53-48 victory. The All-Stars used strong, smart defense and a total team effort to force key turnovers and control the game’s tempo. A few clutch-free throws late in the game helped seal the deal as the All-Stars finished their first half of the season. Rawhide staff and other guys showed up to watch the game and cheer on the team. This kind of support means a lot to the guys. Seeing the guys play is a rewarding experience. They work together and motivate and support one another throughout the game. It’s hard to believe they never played together before! Their teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect throughout the game shows how much they are growing and learning at Rawhide. If you get the chance to come out to Rawhide’s Starr Academy  for a game, we highly recommend it!