Every summer, we offer a week-long at risk youth summer camp program called Adventure Camp. During Adventure Camp, campers  experience the great outdoors while learning valuable life lessons along the way. They also have a lot of fun participating in the various activities that Adventure Camp offers.

Our Adventure Camp program is designed as a preventative measure for at risk youth. Our at risk youth summer camp helps young men turn their lives around, and takes place in two different locations. First, campers get to enjoy a traditional camping experience at Camp Forest Springs for the first three days of the trip. The last four days are spent at the Flambeau River State park. The entire trip offers the participants a very different experience. Campers can participate in exhilarating activities like canoeing, swimming, fishing, rock climbing, and archery. Skill-building activities teach campers respect, team work, and ways to build their self-confidence. Credit-deficient students can also earn a high school credit by completing the camp.

Life-Changing Summer Camp

Many of the at risk youth who participate in our Adventure Camp program return home changed. They absorb the lessons they learn while they spend time enjoying themselves and getting to know Mother Nature. Some campers decide that they want to come back to Adventure Camp the following year. One of our past campers said to his mother when she picked him up from camp, “I’m coming back next year.” Another camper had so much fun at Adventure Camp that when his mother picked him at the end of the trip, he was so exhausted that he fell asleep during the car ride home and again when he was eating dinner. Most of our campers who attend this summer camp for at risk youth cannot wait to come home and share their exciting stories with friends and family members. They love the trip, the experiences they gain, and the knowledge they receive.

What Parents Notice

A lot of parents have seen how much fun their children have attending our Adventure Camp program, but the most important part is the changes they see in their children’s attitude and behavior. One mother shared with us that she could not believe the changes in her son. She said that “he came home with a better idea of how to respect others.” She believes that the Adventure Camp program is a completely positive experience and is excited to let her son have another opportunity at camp to better himself and help other campers.

The Adventure Camp program is an important part of Rawhide’s curriculum. It is obvious that it makes a positive impact on campers, and they enjoy the experiences they gain during the trip. This summer camp allows at risk youth the chance to be young boys but helps them learn how to make positive changes to their lives.  What more could you want from an at risk youth summer camp program for your son, nephew, or grandson?

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