You may have heard that “it is more blessed to give than receive,” Acts 20:35. Every wonder what that means? It has nothing to do with material goods and everything to do with physical, mental, and spiritual health. And Rawhide offers plenty of opportunities for people who wish to volunteer. Here are 7 personal benefits of volunteering:

  1. Experience a Mental Pick-Me-Up
    Studies have shown that a good cure for the blues is to do something for someone else. We get a natural mood boost when we give without expecting anything in return. And it gets you “outside of yourself.”
  2. Improve Health
    Altruism has been shown to boost health—even adding a few years to life expectancy! What a simple (and free) way to improve your health. Note: motivation must be genuine for health benefits to accrue.
  3. Meet New People
    Volunteering allows you to be a part of the community and interact with people from various walks of life. It can serve as a source of inspiration. Plus, meeting new people may mean making new friends.
  4. Break Away from Your Routine
    Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. You may discover new interests or develop talents you already have. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Learning is a lifelong endeavor.
  5. Make a Difference
    Helping people can benefit the whole community in which you live and help create a brighter future for your loved ones in that community. Even the smallest gestures can make a difference for someone. Remember the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart? Yeah.
  6. Teach Skills To Others
    Pass your wisdom and experience onto others. We all have valuable talents and abilities to share with others, and volunteering gives us an opportunity to pass on what we know.
  7. Be An Inspiration To Others
    Volunteering illustrates a willingness to serve others and may inspire those around you to follow suit.

With these 7 key benefits in mind, Rawhide has many volunteer opportunities for you.

Volunteer Opportunities at Rawhide

Our mission is to inspire and equip at-risk youth and families to lead healthy and responsible lives through family-centered care, treatment, and education. Rawhide thrives on help from our wonderful volunteers, so we wanted to share 7 areas where you can volunteer in Wisconsin:

  1. Tutoring
  2. Friday Fish Fries
  3. Special Events
  4. Alumni Transition Program
  5. Co-Op Work Opportunities
  6. Other Gifts of Time or Talent
  7. Friends of Rawhide Volunteer Groups
    Volunteer groups that help fulfill Rawhide’s mission through community-based volunteer opportunities.

Learn more about how you can volunteer for Rawhide.