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David Claus spent two years growing up at Rawhide Boys Ranch in the mid 1970’s and has never forgotten the impact the program and experiences had on the future direction of his life. To acknowledge the program and people he credits for his full and productive life, including a cherished wife of 31 years and their two children, he put his heart and soul on paper, writing and recording a song he’s proudly entitled “I’m a Rawhide Guy”.

The band’s all here

David dedicates this song to Rawhide Founders John and Jan Gillespie, Bart and Cherry Starr and his horse at Rawhide, “Smokey”. David reached out to noted local artists and recorded the song at Rock Garden Studio in Appleton, all of whom donated their talent and services. He lined up:

“I had already lined up one of the best studios and producers in the Midwest, Rock Garden Studio in Appleton, and now to hear the song is beyond my wildest dreams,” stated Claus.

I’m a Rawhide Guy music video

In true Rawhide fashion, members of the ranch went to the recording of “I’m a Rawhide Guy,” creating a music video for David. We encourage you to like the video and share it with your friends. Dave has put a lot of time into this song, as has the team at Rawhide.

We would love to see this go viral!

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Rawhide and David Claus have made this newly recorded song available for local radio stations to play.  You can stream and download the song below. Please share it with friends as well!

Contact Dave for an interview

David Claus and Rawhide Founder John Gillespie will be available for phone interviews to share details of David’s s song and his childhood as a boy at Rawhide. David Claus can be reached at (920) 922-2473 between the hours of 10 AM and 12 PM. John Gillespie, Rawhide Founder and the man who raised David while at Rawhide, can be reached at 920-427-9000. Rawhide Executive Director John Solberg can also be reached at 920-470-4250.