Pause and reflect—that’s what we do on Veterans Day. And this year is no different, especially since the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 351, recently brought their traveling museum to the ranch again. The vets returned to Rawhide last month and spoke with our Starr Academy students about the Vietnam War and their experiences as a military member.

New Found Appreciation

In addition to viewing the memorabilia, our students learned a valuable lesson from hearing these personal stories. They heard firsthand about making a personal sacrifice for a greater good and living
with purpose. Many of our students up to this point in their lives had been in survival or rebellious mode and were making unhealthy choices. Hearing how these men focused on helping our country instead of thinking about what’s in it for them gave our students food for thought about their own lives and motives. Some even expressed an appreciation for the freedoms they took for granted.Vietnam veteran

The Traveling Museum

The veterans’ traveling museum showcases authentic Vietnam War memorabilia like grenades, bullets, guns, knives, uniforms, camouflage, helmets, and photos of soldiers. Students walked around the display eyeing the various items and asking questions. The vets enjoyed the guys’ curiosity and answering their questions about this historical event. This traveling museum made the Vietnam war a reality to our students—in a way that a text book could not do.

The Importance of Remembering

Veteran’s Day is a time to pause and reflect upon all those who have fought for our freedoms and to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the common good. We honor veterans for their patriotism and willingness to serve.

We are grateful to the Vietnam Veterans who returned to Starr Academy this year. Their stories present our students with important historical information and allow them to understand the harsh realities of war. It also opens our students’ eye to the selfless acts of others.