Boat Donation #1: Museum-Worthy 1928 Wooden Canoe

This wooden boat was donated to Rawhide and as it turns out is quite an historical piece from the 1920s! It’s actually a large canoe, manufactured by the Peterborough Canoe Company.

History of Wooden Canoe Industry

The Peterborough Canoe Company was founded in 1892 in Ontario, Canada and became known in the 1920s as “the standard of excellence” in small wooden boats. They even had their own lumber yard to ensure a ready supply of quality materials.

As the 1920s progressed, several other boat companies closed their doors due to fire or bankruptcy. Peterborough Canoe Company saw opportunity to grow and began purchasing struggling companies.

The Royal Wedding Gift

The company expanded their product line to include sailing dinghies, sporty motor boats, and Express Cruisers of the 1950s. One of their most memorable claims to fame was in 1948 when they presented a hand crafted 12-foot canoe to Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift

Fiberglass and Aluminum Replace Wood

Peterborough remained a fixture in wooden boats for many decades, but competition from aluminum and fiberglass canoes lead to the end of the company in 1961. It’s rare to come across a genuine Peterborough wooden canoe today, but a 1928 model recently found its way to Rawhide and is in great shape—87 years after it was built!

Adding a Motor

The 1928 Peterborough wooden canoe donated to Rawhide is one of the first Peterborough canoes to have a motor. Peterborough put a few motors in their canoes, but it wasn’t until an agreement with Johnson Motor Company that Peterborough was able to mass produce motors in wooden canoes throughout Canada. The original Johnson motor is still in this donated Peterborough canoe and the cedar rib interior remains in great condition.  This canoe has been described as “museum worthy” making it perfect for collectors as well.

Boat Donation #2: 1954 Correct Craft Wood Boat Donation

1954 Correct Craft Wood Boat Donation

We also received this 1954 classic wooden boat donation, made by Correct Craft. Like the Peterborough Company, Correct Craft did well during the great depression by creating a reputation of making quality power boats that provided excellent performance. This Correct Craft boat donation was built during a boom in recreational boating, making it ideal for waterskiing, wakeboarding, or a relaxing day on the water. Even though it was built over 60 years ago, this Correct Craft boat is in fantastic condition and features a beautiful dark brown wood, highlighted by the perfect shade of red paint on the bottom. The Correct Craft Company has been building wooden boats since 1925 and is still in operation today.

Other Classic and Collectible Boat Donations

The 1928 Peterborough wooden canoe is one of many classic boats donated to Rawhide. To date, we’ve received:

  1. A Rare 1947 Woody Brown Catamaran, called the Manu Kai
  2. A 1969 Glass Fab Winnebago Fisherman boat – locally manufactured near the ranch
  3. Handmade boats created by an individual who is impressed with our organization and mission

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