Rawhide Vehicle Sales Manager

When Dorothy landed in the fictional Emerald City, she met many helpful citizens on her way to face The Great and Powerful Oz, or the man behind the curtain. Much like The Emerald City, our Vehicle Donations Department is brimming with helpful, essential team members who ensure our vehicle sales process runs smoothly. We also have a man behind the curtain—Jeff Miller, Sales Manager.

Getting to Know Jeff

Jeff has been with Rawhide for over 7 years. His extensive sales background spans 20 years; during which time he ran his own company and managed various sales teams for other companies. As a previous small business owner, he enjoys helping other small businesses grow.

He likes meeting new people and building long-term relationships with our business partners, like dealers, auction houses, and inspection sites. Jeff also likes working with our donors. He works to ensure our donors are happy with the outcome and  satisfied with our customer service.

Jeff’s Role at Rawhide

At Rawhide, Jeff manages all aspects of our vehicle sales department. He oversees the sales process, auction venues, and six vehicle inspection sites throughout Wisconsin. Our auction venues include:

Our eBay store is open to the public and sells collectible cars, RVs, motorcycles, campers, boats, and often unique items like fire trucks and buses. When an eBay item sells, Jeff’s team prepares the necessary paperwork and handles the pick-up logistics.

Our live auctions are for dealers only. Buyers can attend the auction on site or online. Jeff attends most dealer auctions on site; however, in some instances he monitors an auction on his computer. In both cases, Jeff oversees the auctions to ensure vehicles sell for the best prices.

Back at the ranch, Jeff works closely with our office support staff. His enjoys helping them grow into a successful, efficient team.

When not at work, Jeff enjoys spending time at his cottage with his family, fishing, and playing with his grandchildren.

Why Jeff’s Role Matters

Our mission is to help at-risk youth and their families lead healthy and responsible lives through our programs and services. Proceeds from sales fund these programs. Jeff works to satisfy donors and manage the vehicle sales that help fund our mission.