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Archives for August 2015

Why Donate Car Green Bay Charities Really Need Your Help

We still live in difficult economic times. Although governments are telling us that the recession is well and truly over and that we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, the reality for most of us, including residents of Green Bay, Wisconsin, is that the cost of living is still rising by more than our salaries, and we are struggling. This has had a direct impact on charities as well. Donate car Green Bay charities rely on your donations to be able to continue to run their services. They usually get little to no financial help from the government, even though their services help people in communities who really need help and would otherwise be part of the cause of problems for society as a whole.

Why Donate Car Green Bay Charities Need You So Much

Unfortunately, because of the economic situation, many charities have seen their regular contributions almost dry up. Many people simply can no longer afford to make a donation from their salaries, which are dwindling in value due to inflation. In addition, with many of us working two jobs to be able to sustain ourselves, we are unable to donate time through volunteering either. And lastly, many of us are holding on to our belongings for much longer than before, which means that items which could be sold in charity shops are dwindling, too.

Fortunately, there are still quite a few of us who have old vehicles we are ready to scrap, and these could go to donate car Green Bay charities instead. The help this provides the charitable organizations has a tremendous impact as it provides a much needed cash injection that can be used to further support the invaluable services that they deliver.

What Happens When You Donate Car to Charity

In order to encourage more people to make donations, two incentives have been created. The first is that your cars donation will allow you to deduct a certain value from your income that will be subjected to tax. This means you could end up financially better off by donating it than you would by selling it to a scrapyard. The second incentive is that the process is incredibly easy. When you want to donate a car, all you need to do is look for that charity that you believe in and contact them online. They will then explain the process to you and get the ball rolling.

A charitable organization that can receive cars as donation usually has a comprehensive online contact form that is very easy to fill in. Once you have done that, a representative from the charity will contact you to make further arrangements and to answer any questions you may have in terms of what they need from you. During this conversation, they will also agree on a date and time that is convenient for you to have your old vehicle picked up. After it has been towed away, it will be sold at an auction and you will then receive a tax receipt, which you will need to make your tax deduction. That is how easy the entire process of donating a car is.

Collectible Car Donations To Rawhide Boys Ranch

From Franken-cars to vintage Jaguars, we’ve received many fascinating collectible car donations over our vehicle donations program’s 30+ year history. Some of our vehicle donations will leave you drooling. Others will cause you to either applaud the owner’s creativity, or shake your head in disbelief. Here’s a recap of memorable collectible car donations to Rawhide.

1956 Chevy Bel Air

This 1956 Chevy is the Chevrolet Bel Air sedan. It came with a V-8 option and the grille was inspired by the Ferrari! Chevy advertised it as the “Hot One.” As you can see from this picture, this particular Bel Air is in pristine condition. What a delightful and generous donation!

collectible car donations 1956 chevy

1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

The 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk is the final installment of the Studebaker Hawk series, and Rawhide was lucky enough to receive one as a donation. This sporty coupe line was sold new between 1962 and 1964. You may notice a resemblance to the Ford Thunderbird and rightly so. This coupe design was inspired by the Thunderbird.

1962 studebaker

1964 Ford Thunderbird Coupe

Speaking of Thunderbirds, a generous donor gave this one to Rawhide. Notice the similar lines to the Studebaker above. This car is from the fourth generation of Thunderbirds and is larger than the previous 1956 two-seater sporty model seen in the movie “American Graffiti” by George Lucas and Lucasfilm, LTD.


collectible car donation 1964 Thunderbird Coupe

collectible car donations 1964 Thunderbird interior

Cars from the World War II Era

At times, Rawhide receives vehicle donations equipped with history lessons.

  1. For example, we received a 1941 Oldsmobile with a larger sticker in the rear window, imprinted with the letter “A.” After a little research, we discovered that it was a World War II gas ration sticker that qualified this driver to receive three gallons of gas per week. Think of how times have changed since then. How far could you get with only three gallons per week?

collectible car donation 1941 Oldsmobile

2. Volkswagen Beetle

Another vehicle that originated and gained popularity during the World War II era was the Volkswagen Beetle. Although this particular beetle is not quite that old, we were lucky to receive it as a donation. The donor of this Volkswagen “Bug,” as it was commonly called, decided to make some creative customization. He used a car body lift kit to raise the vehicle higher from the ground and install bigger tires. Doing so creates more space between the ground and chassis bottom. He also souped-up the engine to make it look like a drag racer. How could anyone pass up a vehicle with this much personality?

volkswagon bug or beetle

The Dodge Rebellion

Some donated cars are classified as “muscle” cars. One of the most notable muscle car donations was a cherry red 1966 Dodge Charger . The Charger was donated by a widow in hopes that the perfect 2nd owner could be found. She trusted Rawhide because of “impressive work with troubled youth and the charitable spirit of Bart Starr.”

1966 dodge charger classic car donation

These are just some of the many memorable vehicles we’ve received as donations. We receive many rare and collector vehicles throughout the year. Some of the other classic cars donated to Rawhide include:

  1. 1951 MG Replica Kit Car
  2. 1977 Ford LTD
  3. 1973 Mercedes-Benz 400
  4. 1950 Willy’s Overland Truck
  5. 1972 Jaguar XKE Coupe

You’ll find collectible cars like these and other vehicles like wooden boats and cycles for sale on our eBay store. Proceeds fund programs for at risk youth and families in Wisconsin communities.

Donate Your Vehicle Today!

We accept all car donations—running or not—no matter what condition. Plus, we accept car donations nationwide with free transport! If you’re ready to donate your vehicle, we will pick it up for free. The process is simple and fast. Consider helping at-risk youth get a second chance in life by donating to Rawhide today.

Choosing A Donate Car Milwaukee Charity Service

When choosing a charity to donate a car to in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, an important aspect is looking at its activities, such as helping at-risk-youth and their families to lead responsible and healthy lives. All donations that come their way should be put to good use to help such families. This ought to be the case when you donate car Milwaukee charities are getting. And aside from putting it to good use the charitable organization should also make the whole donate car to charity process extremely easy and headache-free.

It Doesn’t Matter What State Your Car Is In

Most car donation charities understand that it is not possible for every donated car to be in working order. In many cases, you will be looking for a way to get rid of your car because it is completely run down, and fixing it would be too costly. And even if your car is in working order, you might have purchased a new one, and now you find yourself paying unnecessary insurance bills on your old car. Either way, a Milwaukee donate car charity would likely consider your car donation regardless of the condition of the vehicle.

How a Milwaukee Charity Can Make the Best Out of Your Car Donation

bryan-0113aa--OrderID-603If your vehicle is still in good working order, then the donate car Milwaukee charity will pass it on to someone that desperately needs some form of transportation. They can use your unwanted car to commute to work, to attend that important doctor appointment, to ensure that their children get to school on time, as well as many other important tasks that require transportation. Another option that they might consider is to sell your vehicle, usually through an auction, and then use the proceeds to help the needy in other ways. If your unwanted car is not drivable anymore, they can still make good use of it. The way they can achieve this is by selling it to a junkyard or to any other organization that is willing to give them some money for it, and then once again to use the proceeds for other important items that can help the needy.

How Donate Car Milwaukee Makes It Easy for You

All that is needed from your part is to go online and visit the site of a donate car Milwaukee charity. Once you are there, you would simply need to fill out a form that requires some basic information on your car as well as your contact details. After that, the charity will send over one of their representatives to pick up your vehicle, and all of these will be done at no cost to you. It is even possible that your car dealer might be one of their drop off points, but either way, they will make sure that the whole process is easy and headache-free.

Experienced Milwaukee car donation charities don’t only consider unwanted cars. If you would like to donate your motorcycle, trailer or any other type of vehicle, they would definitely consider your kind offering, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you plan on donating your car.

Leading by Example – What Troubled Youth Need

More often than not, guys who come to Rawhide did not have a positive role model prior to their arrival. They looked up to persons with questionable character and often found themselves on a problematic path as a result. Earl Schmoll aims to change that. He believes in leading by example in the About Face Program, exemplifying good work ethics, respect, and strong self-discipline. Earl hopes to positively influence the guys, and equip them to make better choices once they leave Rawhide.

Rawhide Finds Earl Schmoll

Earl Schmoll grew up in New London, Wisconsin and attended high school with many Rawhide guys before our Starr Academy was built. Even though he had spent much of his life near the ranch, he did not consider working there until after he attended college. After much thought and encouragement from friends, Earl started working at Rawhide in 1989. A few years later, Earl left to serve his country. He returned to Rawhide in October of 1999 when he heard about the About Face Program, and has been a leader in the program ever since.

What is The About Face Program?

Young men in the About Face Program go through a two-week rotation of attending school at Starr Academy, Rawhide’s on-campus private school, followed by helping with a number of community service projects. Counseling and physical training are also parts of their daily routine with an emphasis on behavioral change and life skills.

Each Day is a New Adventure

While Earl has been affiliated with Rawhide for 26 years, he finds new adventures through the About Face program every day. “From a personal point of view, the variety of projects is nice because it might be landscaping one day, then setting up an old car show the next.”

No matter the task, Earl digs in. He demonstrates initiative, leadership, teamwork, and dedication—hoping it will rub off. Earl admitted to having a favorite project — Habitat for Humanity. Recently, the Habitat Restore Project chose Rawhide Boys Ranch to be a designated co-sponsor for one of the homes the organization is restoring. This means Earl and the About Face guys will have a chance to restore a home for a less-fortunate family and learn how to help others.

Community Service Projects

About Face guys working on the Waupaca Boardwalk

The community service projects for About Face guys come from word of mouth and long-standing partnerships. New projects seem to appear as the guys are ready. Some of the projects they have assisted with or are planning to help with in the coming months are:

  1. Habitat for Humanity Restore Project
    • Assisting with restoring a home in bad need of repair
  2. Navarino Nature Center
    • Constructing a handicapped-accessible trail
    • Expanding the boardwalk by 300 feet
  3. Waupaca County Fair
    • Setting and cleaning up as needed
  4. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
    • Cleaning debris from trout streams
  5. Mosquito Hill Mud Run – a fundraiser for Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs
    • Setting up and testing the obstacles for the course
  6. Shiocton Archery Range
    • Building the archery targets

About Face community service

Teaching Resourcefulness

Earl taught the guys how to be resourceful with a Navarino Nature Center project. The project needed wood, and it just so happened that the deck surrounding Rawhide’s Carriage House had been removed recently. So Earl salvaged the lumber, took it to the Navarino Nature Center, and used it to rebuild a wagon with the guys. “We doubled the lumber up, and now it’s sturdy as heck!” Earl said.

Learning Respect and Life Skills

If there’s one thing Earl wants the guys to take away from the time with him, it’s respect for authority. Earl feels that the majority of guys do learn that throughout the program, along with a good work ethic. Some guys discover a possible career path from one of the projects which gives them hope for a brighter future.

Earl says the guys love being out in the community and lending a helping hand. One quote in particular has stuck with Earl since he began helping with About Face: “I like About Face because every place looks better when we leave than when we arrive.”

Your Donations Impact Your Community

If you have ever donated a vehicle or cash to Rawhide, your donation helps in many ways:

  1. Funded programs for troubled youth like the ones in this blog
  2. Because of the program, our guys freely help community organizations with their mission or events. The guys even help clean up natural disasters.

To help continue programs like these, learn how you can help.

Steps To Donate Car Madison Charitable Organizations Can Use To Fund Mission

Although it is possible to donate your car to a variety of different charitable organizations in Madison, Wisconsin, selecting the ideal one will require you to gain some important information. Before you donate car Madison charities will use to finance their activities, it is advisable to gain as much relevant information about the non-profit group you have chosen. This means learning what you can about its projects, purposes, and how it may plan to use your vehicle. The chances are you will come across a number of different charities that support disparate goals when you donate car to Madison charity, but among those options, you will discover a cause that resonates well with you.

Donate Car Madison to a Charity After You Determine It’s Market Value

When you decide to donate car Madison communities can benefit from, you’ll need to take a number of important things into account. Before you simply hand over your vehicle to any given organization, you may want to evaluate that car and determine how much it is worth, and how much your charity should be able to get from it. If you search for “Madison donate car” or “donate car to charity” on the internet, you will typically discover a number of useful guides, which will help you by offering elaborate instructions on evaluation. Generally, the value of your vehicle donation will depend on a number of critical factors, including the accessories included within it, its age, mileage, and general condition.

Allowable Tax Deduction When You Donate Car Madison

After you have ensured that you have selected the right donate car Madison charity after having performed the ideal evaluation, you should be aware that you will be required to fill out certain documents. For example, an IRS application should be completed and attached to your tax return if you would like to get a tax deduction as one of the results of of your donation. Donating an unwanted or unused vehicle to charity can be a fantastic solution not only as a way of helping groups that need assistance, but also for helping you to gather extra cash. However, it is important to know and understand the process of car donation and tax deduction before you get started if you want to ensure that the experience is both safe, and fulfilling.

One of the first things that you will need to ensure is that your vehicle is being delivered to an eligible and registered organization. If you are not entirely sure on the information that you already have, you may find that speaking to the charity in question will help to provide you with more info. Importantly, the IRS requests that all vehicle donors should be aware of the type of charity they choose to help, so when you speak to the charity representatives, you will be able to learn everything you need to know. Check up on whether the organization is qualified, and ask whether you can see their state registrations for proof. Most charities will not mind you being a little extra cautious when you are deciding whether to donate your vehicle. If you choose a group that avoids showing you any proof, or providing information, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Donate car

Teen Depression in America – Troubling Statistics & Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s common for a teenager to feel down. With changing hormones, school cliques, and peer pressure, being a teen isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s more than relationship problems or homework that affect a teen’s mood. Many teens struggle with depression, and very few seek help. This can evolve into larger, more dangerous problems down the line such as criminal actions, further mental health issues, and even suicide. The statistics surrounding teen depression are staggering, but identifying warning signs can give you the tools to communicate with your teenager and find help if they are depressed.

(click to enlarge graphic)

teen depression infographic

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Teen Depression in America: Troubling Statistics and Facts

What is frequently written off as normal teenage angst may really be teen depression, and if left untreated could lead to more serious conditions with antisocial behaviors. Diagnosing depression in teens is complicated by the physical changes in this stage of development, yet there are warning signs and options for help. Below you will find a long list of eye-opening teen depression statistics covering prevalence, symptoms, warning signs of teen depression, treatment options, recovery rates and more.

Teen Depression Statistics

Most Common Types of Teen Depression

  1. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
    Someone with MDD will experience episodes of intense depression (lasting weeks to years), separated by periods of relatively stable moods. MDD can make it difficult to work, study, sleep, eat, and enjoy friends or activities.
  2. Dysthymic Disorder
    Teens with Dysthymia experience depressive episodes that are less intense than in MDD but are long-lasting—at least one year or longer.
  3. Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)
    Bipolar disorder is characterized by cycling mood changes ranging from extreme emotional highs to extreme lows—major depression to mania with high energy. This is a serious condition that can cause sleeplessness, hallucinations, psychosis, grandiose delusions, or paranoid rage. Bipolar disorder sometimes has a genetic component and can run in families.
  4. Adjustment Disorder
    Adjustment disorder is a short-term condition that people find themselves in when they struggle coping with, or adjusting to, a particular source of stress such as, divorce or death of a loved one.

Causes of Teen Depression

Depression in teens can stem from a variety of reasons:

  1. Academic stress
  2. Peer pressure
  3. Romantic problems
  4. Traumatic events
  5. Divorcing parents
  6. Genetic factors
  7. Family financial struggles
  8. Physical/emotional neglect

(Information courtesy of http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/depression/index.shtml#part2)

How Does Depression Affect Teen Life?

Depression can lead to other problems as well.

  • 30% of teens suffering from depression also develop substance abuse problems
  • 15% of teens suffering with teen depression eventually develop bipolar disorder
  • Up to 10% of teens have conduct disorder as a result of depression

Conduct disorder is a range of antisocial behaviors towards others.

  • 6%-10% of boys have conduct disorder
  • 2%-9% of girls have conduct disorder

Conduct disorder can lead to:

  • Aggression with people and animals
  • Destruction of property
  • Deceitfulness or theft
  • Serious violations of rules

Depression can also cause teens to:

  • Create family conflicts
  • Have problems at school
  • Run away
  • Become violent
  • Participate in reckless behavior
  • Abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Develop internet addictions
  • Become suicidal

If Left Untreated, Depression Can Evolve into Other Serious Conditions

Ignoring depression can be dangerous. Unfortunately, 80 percent of teens don’t seek help for their depression. Depression can turn into a more serious condition for your teenager if left untreated.

  • 20% with major depressive disorder (MDD) develop psychotic symptoms
  • 15% of teens with depression eventually develop bipolar disorder
  • 66% of teens with major depression also suffer from another mental disorder, such as persistent mild depression, addiction to drugs or alcohol, anxiety, or antisocial behaviors

Teenage Depression and Suicide

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among people ages 15-24.

  • The rate of suicide in America has tripled over the last 60 years
  • About 19% of young people contemplate or attempt suicide each year
  • 14%-24% of young and young adults have self-injured at least once
  • More teens die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease combined
  • 5,400 estimated suicide attempts are made each day by teens in the United States

Signs of Teen Depression

Four out of 5 teens who attempt suicide have given clear warning signs as to their intentions.

Common warning signs of depression are:

  1. Sadness that lasts most of the day
  2. Crankiness and irritability
  3. Inability to have fun doing things that used to be fun
  4. Acting younger than their age
  5. Feeling tired all the time
  6. Trouble sleeping through the night
  7. Changes in appetite
  8. Drop in grades
  9. Lack of empathy
  10. Lack of motivation
  11. Low self-esteem

teen depression major red flags

Tips for Talking with Teens

Communicate with your teenager to understand what is going on in their life. Let them know you are there for them no matter what. It’s okay if you need some guidance talking to your teen. After all, teenagers don’t come with instructions. Here are a few tips for successful communication with your teenager:

  1. Offer genuine support
  2. Be gentle but persistent with requests
  3. Listen without lecturing
  4. Validate their feelings
  5. Find a depression specialist
  6. Stay involved in treatment
  7. Provide appropriate medication
  8. Encourage physical activity and a balanced diet
  9. List to and support your teen
  10. Educate your teen on the risks or drug and alcohol abuse
  11. Educate yourself about depression

Options for Help

Only 1 in 5 depressed teens receive help. There are many options available for teens facing mental health issues. Rawhide Boys Ranch is one of them.

Rawhide offers various programs for troubled and at-risk youth:

  1. Outpatient counseling
    Our therapists use a blend of therapeutic styles and approaches to address a variety of personal and family concerns. Open to girls, boys, parents, couples, individuals.
  2. Residential treatment
    A group home that provides a family living structure, treatment, and therapy for youth struggling with behavioral issues and disorders.
  3. Adventure camp
    An adventure-based therapy program for the purpose of therapeutic intervention. Youth enjoy canoeing, camping, cooking, hiking, fishing, and journaling.
  4. Cognitive behavior therapy
    Cognitive behavior therapy helps teens identify distressing thoughts and corrects negative ways of thinking.

Residential Treatment Success

Residential treatment has been very successful for individuals battling depression.

  • 80% of adolescents with depression improve during residential treatment
  • 72%-97% of parents reported a reduction in internalizing problems from admission to discharge after residential treatment

Don’t let depression affect your teenager. Open a healthy line of communication with your teenager and find out the problems they are facing and what is going on in their life. If your teenager is struggling with depression, there is help. Your teenager does not have to battle depression on their own.

Troubled Youth Learn Compassion and Life Skills in Community Service

Rawhide’s About Face program teaches youth how to give back to local communities by participating in community service projects. Some projects are in response to natural disasters like tornadoes or severe storms. Other projects include delivering firewood to folks on limited incomes or event set up like the Iola Old Car Show or Lifest. Regardless of the cause, Rawhide believes these projects teach valuable life skills about thinking of other people’s needs and not just their own.

If there is a community service need, you’ll probably find our guys there learning how to give back.

About Face Program Provides Disaster Relief

In 2013, a local church building literally collapsed due to inclement weather. Our guys responded, helped clean up the area, and removed branches and trees that scattered across the church property.

In 2015, a local farm was struck by a tornado. Once again, our guys helped those in need by removing debris from the crops and barn area.

Firewood Delivery Fosters Friendship

The About Face program also chops wood here at the ranch and then delivers the firewood to disadvantaged individuals in the community. Upon making a wood delivery, a recent graduate noticed the elderly woman needed a new dishwasher. He suggested a certain brand of dishwasher, and she took his advice. Later that season when the guys delivered more firewood, to everyone’s surprise she had purchased that very dishwasher. She said our guy knew more about the dishwasher than the salesman!

Behind the Scenes at Iola Old Car Show

If you attend the Iola Old Car Show, you know that setting up is no small task as the show spans over 300 acres, offering 1,000 show car display spaces and 4,430 swap meet spaces. Because of Rawhide’s relationship with the show’s founder, Chet Krause, Rawhide guys help set this up each year by setting up the fences, grooming the grounds, removing weeds, and completing other tasks asked of them. They even get to ogle oodles of classic cars—their favorite part of the project.

community service project setting up Iola Old Car Show

Projects a Plenty!

Harbor House Domestic Abuse Shelter is another organization that Rawhide helps. Each year for their annual Warrior Princess Mud Run 5k, our guys construct many of the obstacles for the run such as oil barrels filled with mud, a tire course, a muddy pond, a balancing act, and much more. They even test the obstacles before the race and have fun in the process.

You can also find our guys helping with the Morgan Horse Show! They provide support in the stables, set up fences and gates for the event, and help with whatever else they’re asked to do. For some of the guys, working with horses is nothing new as many have participated in our Equine Assisted Therapy Program.

community service troubled youth

These are just some of many community service opportunities our guys experience. They are often asked for help with other tasks and provide assistance to those who need it most.

Donate to Continue the Community Service

Our guys receive many benefits from community service. Providing service to those in need teaches them most of all compassion, a sense of community, and how to give back.

Every donation funds programs like this for at-risk youth in YOUR community. Consider making a donation to Rawhide Boys Ranch today.

Thank you and God bless.

21 Benefits of Athletic Programs for At Risk Youth

Rawhide Boys Ranch believes in teaching troubled youth that they have options—options in their life direction and fun, healthy options for filling idle time. We introduce our students to a broad range of sports and physical education activities to equip them with hands-on knowledge of those options.

Thanks to generous donors, our guys are able to learn new pastimes and interests that are important to their well-being and chance for a better life. Rawhide offers them:

  1. Physical Education or “Gym Class”
  2. Organized Sports
  3. Free-time Athletic Activities

Athletic Programs for At-Risk Youth

Athletic programs at Rawhide are designed to teach the guys values outside of the sport itself, like teamwork and respect for others.

“I try to focus on playing games that teach them how to get along with each other and encourage teamwork even after they leave Rawhide.” – Jeff Schillinger, Phy. Ed. Instructor

Jeff Schillinger, physical education instructor at Rawhide’s Starr Academy, focuses on two kinds of sports:

  1. “regular sports,” such as football, basketball, and softball
  2. “lifetime sports,” such as bocce ball and badminton

Jeff’s goal is to expand their interests, too. “All the guys come in thinking they’re basketball players and are surprised when they discover a passion for something totally different like badminton.”

Organized Sports Programs

Outside of traditional gym class, Rawhide guys can compete against area schools in Track and Field and Basketball.

Track and Field

track and field for at risk youth

Through 15 years of competition in Track and Field, Rawhide guys have set numerous school records for Starr Academy, but three jumping records stand out:

  1. Long Jump: 20’ 4.75”
  2. Triple Jump: 41’ 6”
  3. High Jump: 6’ 0”

All three records above were set by the same guy in 2002. Had he been eligible to compete in the Wisconsin State Track and Field Championship that year, his long jump and triple jump records would have placed him in the top five in any of the divisions.


basketball for at risk youth

Rawhide guys may play basketball for the Starr Academy All-Stars team during their time on the ranch. The team plays from late November to mid-February and competes against schools in the Fox Valley and Green Bay area. They also take an annual trip to play on Washington Island in Door County, Wisconsin.

Free-time Athletic Activities

Free time activities vary by season since the ranch is located in Wisconsin. During warm weather, Rawhide students may play disc golf during leisure time, often enjoying a fun competition with youth care workers after school hours.

Rawhide guys can also use a zip line course, ropes and nets course, and weight machines donated by Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness Donated Machines

Rawhide guys also have the chance to go on a week-long winter adventure. Along with staff, the guys experience:

  1. Rock climbing
  2. Snow tubing
  3. Snowshoeing
  4. Floor hockey
  5. Snow volleyball
  6. Cross-country skiing
  7. Ice fishing


21 Benefits of Athletic Programs for At Risk Youth

Physical education and athletic activities offer improved health, in addition to these other benefits for our guys:

  1. Increases motor skills
  2. Fosters self-discipline
  3. Teaches teamwork
  4. Creates leadership skills
  5. Teaches necessity of cooperating with others
  6. Strengthens peer relationships
  7. Teaches respect for fellow peers
  8. Encourages goal setting
  9. Creates healthy habits for the future
  10. Lowers risk for depression
  11. Enhances memory
  12. Generates multitasking skills
  13. Improves sleep patterns
  14. Expands learning capacity
  15. Increases ability to handle stress
  16. Balances mood
  17. Offers variety of activities to stave off boredom
  18. Creates a sense of accomplishment
  19. Hones problem-solving skills
  20. Improves muscle tone
  21. Lessens odds of long-term health issues

Our guys enjoy the variety of physical activity at the ranch. They burn excess energy, learn healthy pastimes, and experience real, honest-to-goodness fun.

Give At-Risk Youth a Second Chance

All of these athletic activities are possible because of our generous donors. Please consider making a donation to help fund Rawhide’s programs. Every bit helps give at-risk youth a second chance.

7 Benefits of At-Risk Youth Work Experience Program

Vehicle Donations Team Teaches Rawhide Students Marketable Skills

Rawhide Boys Ranch is full of guys who love cars. No surprise. Since Rawhide is known for accepting vehicle donations for over 30 years, the guys have plenty opportunity to ogle some highly collectible cars, like a 1972 Jaguar, a 1966 Charger, and a 1941 Oldsmobile. It’s fun to watch their eyes light up and hear how much they really know about cars. Imagine their excitement if they get to help out preparing vehicles for sale? If they qualify for Rawhide’s Work Experience Program, they get that chance.

7 Benefits of At-Risk Youth Work Experience Program

Through these work experience programs, our guys:

  1. Learn They Have Options
    Learning new trades provides employment options for their futures. And options give hope.
  1. Become More Marketable in the Job Market
    Expanding a person’s skill set makes them more marketable in the job market
  1. Gain Confidence
    Increased self-confidence improves chances of gaining employment. How a person presents themselves in an interview often times is the pivotal hiring factor.
  1. Increase Future Employment Options
    Our guys become more aware of career paths they may not have known about, which increases their options.
  1. Test-Drive Potential Careers
    Students can try different departments and determine if they would like that as a career or not.
  1. Obtain Experience In A Professional Setting
    They will be able to include all Work Experience Program jobs on their resumes which gives them a leg up on other candidates who did not work in high school.
  1. Develop “Soft Skills”
    Students learn other skills that boost their employability once they venture out on their own. Skills such as:
    1. Working under direction
    2. Personal discipline
    3. Good work ethic
    4. Interviewing skills
    5. Teamwork
    6. Communication skills

These skills help the student build confidence in performing job functions, as well as giving them experience to help them get a job in the future. Many of our students weren’t taught how to act or behave on a job and they get the chance to learn through this program before they are hired in the outside world.

Vehicle Donations Work Experience

Rawhide’s Work Experience Program allows students to choose from five work areas, and Vehicle Donations is one of them. Students in the vehicle donations program help with:

  • auto detailing – thorough cleaning inside and out
  • inspecting mechanical conditions
  • checking & replacing batteries
  • checking fluid levels
  • replacing spark plugs

at-risk youth work experience program

All this takes place in our Pennau Prep Center that provides ample space for Rawhide guys to learn these skills.

car donation prep in Pennau Prep Center

The Pennau Prep Center opened in 1993 and was funded by Dick and Audrey Pennau, former owners of the Oshkosh Pepsi Bottling Company. The addition of the Pennau Center created a better opportunity for our guys to build automotive knowledge and for the ranch to handle more vehicle donations.

A Common Misconception about Donated Cars

Some people assume that we use car donations to teach our guys the fine art of auto mechanics. That’s a very common misconception. Rawhide guys rarely repair cars; however they help with vehicle inspections, changing batteries & spark plugs, checking fluid levels, and detailing.

Purpose of the Vehicle Donation Program

The main purpose of our Vehicle Donation Program is to sell the vehicles and use the proceeds to fund programs that help troubled youth and families. Donors receive receipts for tax deductions, and we work diligently to get the maximum deduction possible based on the vehicle’s current market value. We are grateful for each and every one of you who support our mission.

Student about to inspect car engine

Help our Guys

Every donation to Rawhide gives at-risk youth a second chance. While your car might not be fixed up by one of our guys, the funds raised from the donation will help at-risk youth change their lives.

Please consider donating your vehicle today.

What’s the Buzz at Rawhide? Bees and Beekeeping

There’s a buzz around the ranch and it’s not the hot-news-item type. Rawhide Boys Ranch is into beekeeping as a woodworking class project.

After woodshop instructor, Jerry Trzebiatowski, and his students constructed the beehives, Jerry brought in bees from California so the students could watch how bees create honeycombs and produce honey. The project was intended as an experiment, but as the year went on, Jerry saw an opportunity to teach the guys about entrepreneurship as well.

beekeeping hive

Early Stages of the Beehive

Jerry provided the bees with two glasses of sugar water as food that stimulates egg laying and comb building (BeeKeepersGuild.org). Soon, the worker bees set out to gather pollen and nectar, bringing it back to the hive to make honey.

Bees carrying pollen back to the hive

During this process, bees built the combs for larvae to hatch and the honey to be stored. Worker bees build the combs by secreting wax from their abdomens.

beekeeping honey combs

Busy as Bees

After a few short weeks, these bees were clearly earning their room and board. The bees built up their hive to expand the population. It is estimated that 60,000 bees can inhabit one hive!

Jerry explains that the bees went through a swarming process in which 60% of the worker bees leave the original hive location with the old queen and look for a new place to live. This expands the bee population and allows the original hive to grow through a new queen.

As Sweet as Honey

After a few months into the beekeeping project, Jerry removed a few combs. With over 300 different types of honey, it was difficult to determine what kind it truly was, but it appeared to be Beechwood honey also known as honeydew honey. What really mattered was that it tasted sensational.

Jerry and the guys extracted 24 ounces of honey from the combs. He could have extracted more, but wanted to leave enough so the bees have plenty of food for winter.

honey from beekeeping hives

The Doctor is in the House

Rawhide’s beehive project even attracted a special guest. No, it wasn’t Pooh Bear. Dr. Randy, a beekeeping hobbyist, visited with the Rawhide guys and explained the finer points of beekeeping. He shared how he takes his bees to Florida every year to help pollinate the crops. He even mentioned that he would have a job opportunity next season for any of the guys interested!

Dr. Randy speaks to students on beekeeping

Dr. Randy plans to return to Rawhide later this year to help the beekeeping project continue to grow. He and Jerry have plans to build a Langstroth hive, the type Dr. Randy uses. This will be an easily transportable hive that will give the guys more experience and a chance to see what it would be like to work with Dr. Randy.

Video on Langstroh hive:

Plans for the future

Jerry plans on constructing many more beehives over the next year. He envisions placing more hives on the ranch as well as selling hives in the Rawhide gift shop. He would also like to sell honey and beeswax products in the gift shop next fall. This is how the students learn entrepreneurship.

Create Your Own Buzz

Jerry wants the guys to see this project as a career opportunity. He allowed the guys to experience the entire process from day one which appears to have made an impact on many.

Jerry and the guys are excited to grow the beekeeping program. They plan to use what they’ve learned from this beehive to make modifications to their next ones and learn more about the honey bee industry.

If you would like to make a donation to help the bee program, your contribution would be sweeter than honey. Feel free to leave a comment below as well!


Wisconsin Fish Fries at Rawhide Becoming Family Traditions

Since 2004, Rawhide has been serving up good ol’ Wisconsin fish fries on select Friday nights throughout the summer. Once a month, hundreds venture to Rawhide Fish Fries for a chance to meet our guys, enjoy live music, and fellowship with family and friends. We’ve been told our fish dinners are some of the best around. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to what our guests have to say.

Setting New Traditions with Rawhide’s Wisconsin Fish Fries

Many guests have attended every fish fry since 2004. We feel blessed for their support because all proceeds provide tuition assistance for at-risk youth at our Starr Academy. Other people attended for the first time recently and say they plan to make it a tradition in their families.

Jesse G. attended his first fish fry earlier in the season and made a point to return because he enjoyed it so much. He believes it will become a monthly tradition amongst his friends and family.

By Land or by Sea? Well… River.

Rawhide’s Frontier Café is not quite dock side, but the ranch is, and some visitors like to take advantage of that on a summer evening. The Mogensens arrived by boat recently.

Todd Mogensen’s father used to visit Rawhide by boat and donated cars often over the years. Todd decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. So, Todd and his wife recently have donated 3 cars to date and decided to travel to Rawhide’s Wisconsin fish fry by boat. He and his wife cruised the Wolf River and docked at Rawhide. They left with a full stomach and hopefully a new family tradition.

Alumni Return for Fish Fries

Steve Bender, a Rawhide alumnus and current member of Rawhide’s Board of Directors, is a frequent volunteer at Rawhide fish fries. He shared with us how Rawhide has grown since he was in Adventure Camp in the 1970s. He also raves about the food in the video below.

Fish fry visitors can tour Rawhide when they attend or sit back, relax, and enjoy live music from a local band.


Unload Your Used Books, CDs, and DVDs When You Visit

Along with your appetite, bring your used books, CDs, and DVDs. We are accepting used media donations to help fund programs for troubled youth in your Wisconsin community. Deposit them in the large teal-colored bin in front of the Carriage building, across from the Frontier Café.


Please Join Us

While fish is the mainstay of the menu and traditional Wisconsin Fish Fries, we offer chicken and shrimp along with perch and haddock. Children’s and lighter portions are also available.

Check our menu and schedule . We hope to see you at the next fish fry!