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Archives for October 2014

What To Expect When You Make A Vehicle Donation Green Bay Charities Want To Get

Learning about vehicle donation Green Bay charities would gladly receive may raise a lot of questions for the person who has never done it. While it sounds like a novel idea, there are many things you might need to consider before making such a decision. You’ll likely want to know just how much of your money will go to your favorite non-profit, and what is involved in making such a decision. You’ve probably heard a few stories that might make you a little wary about using a car donation service and wonder exactly what’s involved in making this type of noble gesture. Here are a few answers to some of the most common questions about donating your car to charity.

What You Need to Know From the Donation Service

There are plenty of vehicle donation Green Bay services that will offer to take care of all of the details for your car donation. They are not all the same, however, so when you’re ready to make the donation you’ll need to do a little research to make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable company. As you talk with each service don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. One thing you must insist on knowing is the percentage of the sale price that will be going to the charity. You’ll want to find a service that provides 50% of gross sales price or higher to the charity. Any service that refuses to divulge this information is probably not working on the up and up and you don’t want to do business with them.

Make Sure to Arrange for Pick-up or Towing

You also want to make sure that the service you use is in a position to pick-up or tow your donated vehicle so that you don’t have to take extra time to deliver it. There are some that are not in a position to do this for a number of reasons. However, if you’re using a service for convenience sake then you should seriously consider using a different service that will provide you with that most basic of services.

If you’re concerned about the condition of your car, don’t worry. Car donation services will usually take any car, no matter what condition it’s in. In addition to cars, they’ll also take motorcycles, RVs, boats, and some will even take airplanes. All they need is a clear title and proof of ownership and you’ll be set to go. Even so, there are some restrictions that may be applied to these other vehicles but you can always be sure that your car will be accepted and put to good use.

When you decide on a vehicle donation Green Bay charities will get you’re making a wise choice. Not only will the donation be of great benefit to a particular cause, it will also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your contribution will be used to help someone very needy in your particular community. So, when you’re faced with one of the difficult decisions on how to get rid of your old car, there’s no need to be sad or depressed. Use it for the benefit of others and everybody wins.

Bart and Cherry Starr Museum Honors Legacy

Bart Starr’s NFL legacy is widely known—the famous “Ice Bowl” and three consecutive championships. However, he and his wife Cherry also created a legacy off the field that is equally inspirational.

A Gift to the Starrs

Bart and Cherry have opened their hearts to troubled youth at Rawhide since 1965. Their continued dedication and support helps Rawhide make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth and their families. Because of this legacy, we created a special gift for the Starrs to show our appreciation. We opened our Bart and Cherry Starr Museum earlier this year just in time for their 60th wedding anniversary.

Highlighting a Lifetime of Wins—On and Off the Field

Our museum showcases the history of Bart’s career as a Green Bay Packer quarterback and coach, plus his and Cherry’s Rawhide involvement. “We wanted to give our visitors an idea of their life and family, and the importance of family, which is so important to Rawhide,” explains Executive Director, John Solberg.

The museum walls proudly display memorabilia that spans the decades:

  • Bart’s football career
  • Starr family photos
  • Charity awards
  • Photos taken with Rawhide guys

Most of the photos belong to Rawhide and were originally displayed in the upper level mezzanine of the Carriage Company building. When touring the museum, you’ll also see mementos of his days in the NFL like the front page of the Post Crescent’s coverage of the Ice Bowl, plus his helmet, jersey, and cleats in a locker display. Other items were donated or made specifically for the museum, like a football-shaped door handle and a mirror glass etching of Bart and Cherry.

Bart Donates MVP Corvette

One of Bart’s most public contributions to Rawhide was in 1968 when he donated the red Corvette Stingray convertible he’d won as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in Super Bowl II. Proceeds from the ensuing raffle provided much needed funding for Rawhide, and the event greatly increased awareness of the mission to reshape lives.

A Little Help from Our Friends

The museum was in the planning stage for a while and took about two months to complete. We were able to build the museum thanks to generous donors who donated specifically for this gift. Some of our students donated their time and talents as well. Our guys designed and built a large, diamond-shaped table in the Gabrielse Woodworking Shop on ranch. The diamond shape honors the Starr’s 60th wedding anniversary.

Museum Hours

The museum is open to all Rawhide visitors and Bart Starr fans alike.

  • Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm
  • During our Fish Fries 5pm to 8pm

Contact us to set up a tour.

How To Donate My Car Milwaukee Charities Need

There are many different non-profit organizations today that rely almost entirely on car donations from generous benefactors. Some rely on vehicle donations to cover more than half of their business activities. However, because of the many changes in the tax laws in recent years, it has become much more difficult for a charitable organization to be able to generate enough revenue to keep their doors open, and many have been forced to close for that very reason. This is why it is more important than ever that a person would want to know “how to donate my car Milwaukee charities want.”

Provides Necessary Funding

When you use a car donation service the rewards are great for both the donor and the recipient. With a reliable service to work on the creation, implementation, and management of any car donation they receive, every little detail will be taken care of so you won’t have to worry about missing some steps that could cause you many problems in the future. They will take care of everything for you and track the progress of each vehicle donation to ensure that you get the highest potential.

Towing and Pickup

They will also handle the practical steps of towing the car to the right destination or having it picked up if it’s in drivable condition. Not having to worry about this step can be a major relief for many donors. They will just show up at your door, you provide them with the car and the signed documents, they will issue you a receipt and you’re done.

Handle Documentation

Required paperwork of the current car owner may make it extremely difficult and frustrating to say the least. When you use a car donation service they are well trained to handle all of the red tape that goes along with the gift. When you are able to say that you know “how to donate my car Milwaukee charitable organizations want,”you’ll likely realize that every step of the process must be well documented. Remember, the IRS has information that you need to provide at the time of the donation and aform to be completed when you file your income tax return. The DMV also has specific form requirements that must be met.

It may very well be a complicated process but you’d find the work involved a lot less of a hassle than you might have originally believed. When you use a car donation service to help you with the challenges, you can easily say that you know “how to donate my car Milwaukee charities want.” Then you are sure to find the process does not have to be so intimidating. With the service at your disposal, all you’ll have to do is give them the car and then get your receipt. If you’d like more information on the type of car you have and its value then chances are you’ll be able to get all your questions answered with just a phone call.

A Horse is a Horse, of Course. Right?

Usually, a horse is just a horse unless it talks like the fictitious Mr. Ed of the 1960s sitcom or… unless it’s part of our equine therapy program. Meet Pennie and Sydney—two seemingly ordinary horses on the surface, yet they each give oh so much to troubled youth at Rawhide.

Assessing Each Therapy Horse

Pennie and Sydney were donated to our Rawhide Equine Assisted Program (REAP) a few months ago. As with all new equine additions, they were given time to adjust to their new surroundings and settle in at the ranch. Afterwards, our equine assistants worked closely with each horse to assess their personalities and to prepare them for therapeutic REAP activities. Clients are matched with therapy horses that have particular traits in areas with which clients need help.

Large, But Not In Charge

Pennie, a large Standardbred horse, weighs approximately 1,200 pounds and stands 16 hands tall or 5 feet 4 inches. Even though Pennie is large, she is not often in charge. She is timid. Because of her large size and timid personality, Pennie is a good match for clients who need help building their self-confidence. She willingly allows the client to take charge and guide her through each activity course. Clients’ confidence increases when they see that they can lead such a large animal around and that this horse trusts them to do so.

Smaller, But Mighty

Sydney, on the other hand, has less weight to “throw around” and yet, has a much more assertive personality—pushy even. Sydney’s personality teaches clients, who also tend to be pushy, to respect personal boundaries. Sydney clearly communicates what she will and will not do, and clients learn to respect that.

Although, Pennie and Sydney are fairly new to being therapy horses, they both show great potential working with clients and fit in well.

How Does REAP Work?

Horses in the Rawhide Equine Assisted Program are trained to teach clients skills or qualities they need to better their lives. The horses are then paired with clients based upon areas in which the client needs improvement. Therapeutic REAP activities target issues such as:

• Anger management
• Thinking errors
• Relationship building
• Personal boundaries

How You Can Help

Contributions help buy animal food and supplies. To help maintain our animals, please consider making a contribution today.

Understanding Tax Laws When You’re Ready To Donate Car Madison Charities Get

Deciding to donate car Madison charitable organizations are interested in may be an easy choice to make, but new regulations have changed how you value your car, therefore impacting the amount you can deduct from your tax bill. You may still be able to make a deduction on your taxes, however, consider some details before you actually make the car donation. With new regulations on how to value your donation and the allowable deductions you can make, make sure to “dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s.” Because so many people in the past declared deductions far higher than the real value of their cars and vehicles, the IRS has tightened up its allowances and is watching such donations with a very careful eye. In addition to the new regulations for when you donate car Madison charities get, there are other points to remember.

General Tax Laws Also Apply

In addition to the new laws regulating your auto donation to a charity, keep in mind that other tax laws will also have to be regarded. Naturally, the timing of your donation is important. Your charitable gifts must be made in the tax year for which you are filing your claim. Your gift must be made before December 31st of the year you plan to claim it. So plan ahead, and make the car donation before the holidays if you can to reduce stress that time of year as well.

Check Out the Charitable Organization Thoroughly

Protect yourself and your car donation from disreputable organizations by thoroughly researching your charity before you donate a car. Verify that the charitable organization you choose is an authentic tax-qualified 501(c)(3) entity so that your donation will be allowed by law. Other nonprofit groups may be heavily involved in community work and are doing good things, but are not approved under the IRS guidelines. Ask for documented proof of their tax-exempt status or check the IRS’ website to see if your chosen charity is on the approved list.

You Must Itemize Your Gifts to Claim Tax Deduction on Car Donation

To claim your car donation on your tax form, itemize your deductions rather than claim the standard allowance. Thorough record keeping is necessary to keep track of everything you give and to accurately report your deductions. You will then have to file the long Form 1040 with a Schedule A to itemize your deductions.

Remember this distinction—if you donate car Madison charitable organizations accept, the car’s value is not subtracted from your tax bill. The car’s value is subtracted from your taxable income, lowering your tax bill that way. Your income tax bracket after you subtract the value of your deduction determines the amount of your tax bill. So, take time to study these new regulations very carefully to maximize your tax deduction when you donate car Madison charities will want and benefit from. Doing your research ahead of time ensures that you get the correct tax deduction for your generosity and that your Madison car donation will go to an IRS-approved charitable organization.

Father Finds Treasured Keepsake for Son

Rawhide’s eBay Store – a source for hard-to-find items

Have you ever spent hours searching online for a special hard-to-find item only to throw your hands up in frustration? One father did, until he landed at our Rawhide eBay store.

The Hunt

Earlier this year, a father sought to buy a motorcycle for his son. He had high hopes of gifting his son the same motorcycle model he had as a child. For months, he and a friend scoured the internet, searching high and low for this particular motorcycle. And as usual, just when they were about to give up, they found the bike on the Rawhide eBay store.

The Gathering

After placing the winning bid, the father and friend traveled over 1,000 miles to pick up the treasured motorcycle at the ranch. It meant that much to him. Grateful for the help and generosity of our eBay Customer Service Representative, they left as happy campers with motorcycle in tow.

Stories like this warm our hearts. In addition to raising revenue that funds our programs for troubled youth, we also get an opportunity to make a father’s dream come true. Score.

What Will YOU Find in Our eBay Store?

Scroll through our listed items and you’ll find a wide range of items from collector cars to lawn mowers.

Typical Items in the Rawhide eBay Store:

  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • Campers
  • RVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Classic cars and trucks
  • Unique items like fire trucks, dump trucks, houseboats, etc.

Our Rawhide eBay store  is open to the public. The majority of our buyers reside in the USA, but occasionally we’ll get one from overseas like DuBai or Ireland who enjoy the quality and selection of items we offer. Additional shipping costs haven’t stopped many of our global buyers. Some of them have even personally traveled to the ranch to pick up their purchases!

How eBay Sales Help Youth

All items we sell on our eBay store help support our mission. The proceeds from eBay sales go toward funding our programs and services that help at-risk youth and their families.

Feel like exploring? Check out our eBay store inventory.