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Workplace Wellness Initiative

The New London Workplace Wellness Initiative was started through the ThedaCare Medical Center New London Community Health Action Team (CHAT). The New London CHAT team was formed in 2012 and operates with a belief that the community must play a critical role in addressing important health issues.

Bringing the community together to collectively tackle societal issues that impact health is critical to your business and to New London area families. The New London CHAT met for the first time in October 2012 and consists of a cross section of area professionals including medical, business, education, public health, law enforcement and faith-based organizations.

A comprehensive needs assessment was completed for the New London service area and obesity prevention was chosen as the top issue effecting adults and children alike. A New London Obesity Plunge was held on June 4, 2013, and four initiatives were identified to be worked on by a wider group of community representatives. These included: Workplace Wellness, Community Gardens, Food Pantry and Before and After School Activities.

John Solberg, Executive Director of Rawhide chairs the Workplace Wellness Initiative. Steering Committee members include Connie Abert (UW Extension), Laura Berndt ( Hillshire), Polly Elrod (ThedaCare at Work), Kathy Gwidt (School District of New London), Chad Hoerth (New London Parks and Rec), Brenda Johnson (YMCA),Laurie Shaw (New London Chamber) and Kaye Thompson (ThedaCare). The other initiatives are either completed or in process.


Think of the Workplace Wellness Initiative as a community wide support and networking group that brings companies together to tackle the challenging objective of spearheading wellness among our community’s employees.

The goal is to create a sustainable wellness initiative that will provide New London area employers, both large and small, with low-cost/high-return solutions to provide appropriate assessments, promote employee exercise, healthier eating habits, and overall wellness. This initiative will be modeled off of best practice, evidence-based programs that have been successfully developed in other communities in Wisconsin through the Workplace Wellness Council of America (WELCOA), a national organization that serves to promote workplace wellness programs.

Your company’s participation is vital to the success of the New London Workplace Wellness Initiative! We invite you, or someone you select from your staff, to share your company’s commitment to a healthy workforce and attend a complimentary breakfast and informational session on July 31st, 2014 at 7:30-9:00AM, 7 AM registration at the Crystal Falls Banquet Hall. Simply RSVP Kaye.Thompson@thedacare.org or call 920-830-5949 to confirm your attendance.  If you are interested in learning more about serving on the New London Corporate Wellness Initiative Steering Committee please feel free to call John Solberg at 920-531-2500.  

This informational session will feature the Wisconsin representative for WELCOA and prominent local workplace wellness CEO’s that have implemented employee wellness programs. At this meeting, we will share the vision of the Workplace Wellness Initiative, introduce other successful communitywide wellness programs, and begin identifying opportunities for the Workplace Wellness Initiative to have the largest impact in engaging a broad base of New London employers and employees. There is no cost to be involved in this collaborative initiative.

Please let us know we can count on your participation in the New London Workplace Wellness Initiative!