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On the News


One of the most exciting days of the year. This great partnership with Schneider goes way beyond gifts. It’s really about changing one life at a time.

Rawhide President and Chief Executive Officer, Alan Loux, sits down with WFRV Local 5 Live to talk about Rawhide’s mission and the programs offered today.

Rawhide co-founder, John Gillespie, previews his new book “Our 351 Sons,” filled with stories about helping youth grow by learning to serve others.

Aaron Geitner, Director of the Vehicle Program at Rawhide, shares the July winner of the summer car donation promotion: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Angela Konitzer, Lead Clinical Therapist at Rawhide’s Youth and Family Counseling clinic, talks about one of the newest programs at Rawhide: CHAPS Equine-Assisted Services.

One of the best ways to learn about the Rawhide campus is during a Friday Fish Fry event. Director of Development, Heather Stern, talks about what to expect when you attend a fish fry.