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Repeat Donors Like Easy Car Donation Process

Ron and Debbie have been faithfully donating vehicles to Rawhide since 2007 and plan to do so for the rest of their lives. The first car they donated to Rawhide was a 1992 Saturn, and since 2007 they have donated 3 cars, two running and one non-running. They first heard about Rawhide from family friends and decided to donate to Rawhide two years later after buying their first brand new car. Ron and Debbie stressed that they will continue to donate to Rawhide because of easy donation process.

Easy Car Donation Process

The car and boat donation process at Rawhide is built around accessibility, little paperwork, and fast pickup.  Since 1983 we have been accepting running and non-running vehicles. We offer fast and easy pickup to those who are donating a non-running vehicle. All vehicle paperwork is processed on Rawhide grounds to ensure that no errors occur. To help with the donation process we also have customer service available 24-7.

During the donation process we are flexible and willing to pick up any non-running vehicles next day if needed. If the vehicle is running, we have drop-off sites in Wisconsin that the vehicle can be driven to and later picked up by Rawhide staff.  “Every time we call to donate a car, the next day the car is gone. The process is so fast,” stated Ron.

The Mission Matters

Ron and Debbie expressed how happy they were to donate to an organization that affects the lives of struggling young men. “Being able to affect the lives of young men and help them change their lives is the reason we continue to donate,” Debbie says. 83% of all funds received from donations immediately affect the young men and families who utilize our programs.

Our donation process welcomes any type of vehicle, running and non-running. Every donation helps young men get a second chance at life, whether it is a rusted out beater or a newer car. Rawhide would like to personally thank all past, present, and future donors for helping our organization and young men flourish.

We welcome all vehicles, running or not. Please consider donating today and help change a life!
Check out our latest video to learn more about how easy it is to donate.