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Rawhide 100 Strong Support to heal and grow

Youth participating in our therapy services draw strength from the unity and support they feel at Rawhide and within their community. We give them the opportunity to grow and heal in a safe, healthy environment.

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Our therapy programs include individual or group counseling, occupational therapy, and equine-assisted therapy. These services help our youth build therapeutic relationships, learn valuable life skills and overcome personal struggles.

Therapy to transform troubled teens
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Our youth have faced overwhelming circumstances in life, and often had to focus on survival versus enjoying their childhood. Our counseling services encourage youth to trust the healing process with our licensed therapists to overcome their learned behaviors and mental health struggles.

Courage for youth to overcome trauma and learned behaviors

Every youth that comes to Rawhide has their own journey of healing ahead of them, and our purpose is to meet them where they are and support them every step of the way. All the relationships youth build here help them develop into successful adults.

Journey down the healing path
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Our therapy programs give troubled youth the tools and the opportunity to fight for their lives. Your contributions make the healing of our youth and communities possible. Rawhide depends on your donations to sustain the therapy programs and services disadvantaged youth need to turn their lives around. Become part of our 100 Strong Club and inspire our youth with a donation of $1,000 or more today.

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Whose lives will you change? Therapy services offer troubled teens a safe environment and unconditional love to improve their behavior, mental and emotional health. Meet the youth whose lives have transformed.
Picture of Bernard
Rawhide taught me that I can do the right thing.

When anyone mentions Bernard to Rawhide staff, they all agree that he positively changed the dynamic of the classroom and youth home with his natural leadership skills. Bernard lived in poverty most of his life, and was even homeless at one point. At a young age, Bernard did everything he could to get money to help his family pay the bills. When he came to Rawhide, he began attending therapy, which helped teach him how to overcome future struggles.

“Rawhide taught me that I can do the right thing,” Bernard said. “I have a passion now to not make the wrong choice.”

Bernard joined Rawhide’s Work Experience Program (WEP), where Miller Electric welders taught Bernard the basics to help him consider a potential career path in welding. He was also asked to speak at Rawhide’s Main Event Gala in front of nearly 550 people.

“Success to me means being comfortable and having a meal every night,” Bernard said. “Happiness is having inner peace, and I have it now.”

Bernard is a testament that, no matter what Rawhide youth have been through or done in their past, they are children who deserve love, respect and a second chance at life.

Picture of Kindrea
Rawhide Kindrea quote I was like a wilted flower, and now I am a bloomed sunflower.

One year ago, Kindrea was throwing punches, cutting herself and crying daily as she struggled with depression. She felt unworthy of her thoughts, feelings and emotions, and began telling suicidal jokes, creating conflicts with other students, and punching walls and lockers at school. Her struggles with anger and self-harm peaked in 2020.

One day after punching a wall at school, Kindrea was in a lot of pain and went to the hospital to make sure she had not broken any fingers. When the doctors took Kindrea's blood pressure, her dad noticed the scars on her arms from self-mutilation.

The school counselor recommended Kindrea go to therapy at Rawhide, starting with one session per week. Kindrea’s therapist, Becca, was patient, and Kindrea appreciated the safe, comfortable place therapy provided. She learned coping skills to deal with her anger, such as breathing exercises and letting go of other people’s actions.

“I have grown a lot and learned my self-worth,” Kindrea said. “There are still parts of the old me, but last year’s me and this year’s me are very different people.”

*This youth’s photo and name were changed to protect their privacy.

Tyler quote I know what' it's like to struggle and not have a lot of support. Anytime I can help somebody else, that's success.

Tyler struggled with the relationship he had with his parents and began to make unhealthy choices, joining a gang to fill the gap from his family. Tyler found himself in and out of court and survived two overdoses before coming to Rawhide. Rawhide therapy sessions helped him stay sober and rebuild the relationship with his mom.

“Because I felt so guilty about my bad choices, I thought how could my mom love me? So I tried to leave,” Tyler explained. “Rawhide helped me realize that a mother’s love is one of the best things you can have in life.”

Rawhide also helped Tyler find his faith in God, which he says was one of the defining moment for his healing. Over the summer, Tyler attended a Young Life summer camping trip with Jared Stanley, Young Life program manager.

Happiness for Tyler is being surrounded by the people he loves and who love him. This includes the mutual love and support Rawhide staff have given him during his time of healing.

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