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Youth Care Workers at Rawhide

Can you love someone who might not be that loveable?

Many of our guys have painful pasts that they are trying to escape. They have been used and abused by those who told them that they were loved. They have alcohol and drug issues that they battle on a daily basis.  They have been in trouble with the law and have no respect for or trust in authority.

What they are desperately seeking is someone to be there for them, someone to support them, someone to care and someone to love them unconditionally. Are you that person?

Our youth care workers serve as role models to the guys who call Rawhide home. They live in one of our six homes and become the “big brother” or “big sister” to the guys who live there. These are teenage boys, between the ages of 13 and 17 who have been either court-ordered or placed by their parents in one of our homes.

“Our guys just want and need someone to be there for them,” says Andy, a former youth care worker, “to listen and care about them.” As a youth care worker, you will build healthy relationships with the guys and will spend time getting to know each of the guys in the house. You will help the guys with homework, help them work with their issues, encourage their strengths and show them unconditional love.

While no two days are the same, a typical day can include taking the guys to our high school, Starr Academy, being present for various meetings, running errands in town and completing paperwork. Weekends schedules are different and require attending church together as a house on Sundays.

Typically, youth care workers work seven days in a row before getting three or four days off. Because we use a “family model” in our treatment programs, this schedule provides consistency in the homes.

You will never be alone in the house. As part of our treatment program, we use a “family model” in our homes. Each home has a set of houseparents, a housekeeper and two or three youth care workers who live in the house.

If you are seeking a way to learn, grown and give back, perhaps becoming a youth care worker is the position for you.