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Recreational Activities

A variety of recreational activities are available to the youth that come to Rawhide Boys Ranch. Activities are designed to introduce the young men to a number of different sports and hobbies as well as giving them a constructive outlet for their energy.

Rawhide’s recreational activities include:

  • Canoeing

    • Rawhide guys have the chance to canoe on the Wolf River, right in Rawhide’s back yard!
  • Cross-country skiing

    • Rawhide’s winter adventure week gives guys the chance to experience new, winter activities.
  • Ping pong, foosball, and pool tables

    • Ping pong, foosball, and pool tables are donated by generous donors and are located in Rawhide’s recreation area.
  • Wall climbing

    • Rawhide guys have the opportunity to tackle the rock wall to generate a sense of accomplishment and goal setting.
  • Baseball and soccer fields

    • Rawhide guys have the opportunity to play baseball and soccer with Rawhide’s Youth Care Workers.
  • Basketball courts

  • Swimming

    • With the Wolf River right next to Rawhide, guys have the opportunity to spend hot, summer days swimming.
  • Weightlifting

    • Planet Fitness made a generous donation that allows our guys fantastic weightlifing equipment.
  • Biking

  • Fishing

    • Guys have a chance to spend time on the river fishing in the summer or ice fishing in the winter.
  • Disc Golfing

    • Rawhide offers an 18 hold disc golf course that spans across the ranch.

Rawhide also offers guys team related recreational activities. Guys have the opportunity to compete against schools in the area in:

When guys participate in the wide array of recreational activities Rawhide offers, they experience many benefits. Their motor skills increase, self-discipline is cultivated, they learn to set goals, and earn a sense of accomplishment when they see their goals achieved. Rawhide’s recreational activities also help create healthy habits for the future which may lessen the odds of long-term health issues or health issues later in life.