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Programs Offered

Rawhide Programs

Rawhide offers a variety of programs and services for at-risk youth and families. In addition to our core Rawhide programs listed below, there are a number of extra programs that can improve your son’s experience at Rawhide. These services are add-ons to the core programs and available at no additional cost.

These services, along with our family model, professional staff, and excellent facilities are what differentiates Rawhide from other residential care providers.

View a Grid of our Programs and what each has to offer.

About Face Program (Short Term):

The About Face Program is a family-centered, community service program for adjudicated and non-adjudicated young men. This unique program is designed to help students build character, mind, and body while experiencing the satisfaction of giving back through regular community service projects.

Standard Residential Care:

Young men live in a home with Houseparents and Resident Youth Care Workers; length of stay varies from 60 days and up.

Private Residential Program:

If you are working with a family who is struggling with their teenage son, the parents or guardians can voluntarily place the child in our Academy Program.

Transitional Group Home:

The Group Home helps young men begin to transition back into their communities. Less restrictive than residential care, this program helps students learn to live independently.

Foster Care (levels 3 & 4):

For the best possible success of the youth, Rawhide offers a Treatment Foster Care program for those who may not have a positive environment to return to, or those who need to further develop the skills necessary for success in the community.

HomePlus Alternative Education:

If you are a parent or guardian to a student who needs additional help in school, you may choose to enroll him in HomePlus so he can finish high school and get the one-on-one help he needs.

30-Day Assessment & Stabilization Program:

This program responds quickly to diagnose and determine the proper treatment and placement for the youth at Rawhide.

Parent Weekends

This is a perfect weekend for families that are struggling.  This intensive three day program is designed to help families in disarray gain a renewed vigor and foundation for a successful future.

Youth & Family Counseling Services:

Individual, group, and family counseling services are available for children, adolescents, adults and families who are struggling with a variety of mental health issues, relational difficulties, or personal concerns.


Learn more about our Integrated Programs.