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Outcomes: More Than Numbers

At Risk Youth Program Outcomes – More Than Numbers

At Rawhide we are committed to providing you, our valued placing agents, with the highest return on investment (ROI) we can produce. What does ROI look like when working with at-risk boys at Rawhide? It simply means we will consistently strive to provide the highest quality counseling, education, and care in order to produce young men who are responsible and productive members of their communities. One way to measure the effectiveness of our mission is to ask county social workers, responsible for monitoring the progress of youth placed at Rawhide, to complete a survey and rate our programs. The results in the chart located above reflect the drive, dedication, and accountability of the Rawhide staff and the impact your support is producing.

These numerical results are just one measure of Rawhide’s success in changing lives. Sometimes we meet the needs of youth by responding to the needs of those who are victims of natural disasters. Rawhide youth have been busy responding to individuals and local governments who have been victims of recent storms. It is encouraging to hear back from community leaders and individuals who have worked with Rawhide youth in times of distress such as a natural disaster. Below are a few comments we have received from local communities and individuals. Please realize it would not be possible to help others without your partnership in supporting Rawhide programs.


“On July 14, 2010 our community was hit by heavy storms and we received a considerable amount of damage. The next day I received a call from the About Face team offering assistance in the clean-up. Your crews did a fantastic job and your services are greatly appreciated.”
– Don Resch, Clerk, Town of Hutchins, WI


“Thank you so much for all your help with cleaning up my yard from the natural disaster on July 20th in Wittenberg. Thanks for your generous nature and may God bless you!”
– Diane Lamich, homeowner affected by recent storms


“Rawhide Boys Ranch came to the aide of many of the Winnebago County’s special needs population. The daunting task of clean-up was overwhelming to many and with your assistance, recovery became reality. Your work is very appreciated by many.”
– Linda Kollman, Winnebago County Emergency Management


Each note is confirmation the young men are positively impacting communities across Wisconsin and experiencing their own change. These results confirm that each young man’s stay at Rawhide has a positive impact on their future.

Sincerely yours,

John Solberg

Executive Director