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Integrated Programs

Integrated Program Offerings Provide a Richer Experience & Improved Outcomes

Rawhide offers a number of integrated programs to the students. These programs provide additional services to you and a richer experience for the guys, and are available at no extra charge to the counties or state. These services, in addition to our family approach and outstanding facilities, are what differentiate Rawhide Boys Ranch from other residential care centers.

Rawhide developed these additional programs to better help at-risk teen boys achieve success as defined by treatment goals and the student’s needs upon entering Rawhide, and even after they leave.

Availability of these services depend on a number of variables such as length of stay, type of program enrollment, progress in treatment plan, and recommendations from Rawhide staff or state and county social workers.

Individual, Group & Family Counseling:

Rawhide Boys Ranch offers students and families many counseling opportunities during. Counseling is also incorporated into each student’s Individual Treatment Plan.

Starr Academy Education:

Starr Academy, Rawhide’s own on-campus private school, offers a small classroom setting and tailored individualized goals specific for each young man.

Work Experience Program:

Rawhide students have the opportunity to enhance their life skills with on-the-job training by participating in the Work Experience Program

Recreational Activities:

Rawhide keeps things balanced by offering recreational opportunities throughout the stay of a young man.

Daily Scoring & Ranking System:

Every young man is allowed to make choices and decisions but is held accountable for his actions. Staff supervise daily activities and provide consistent, constructive feedback on both positive and negative behaviors.

REAP — Rawhide Equine Assisted Program:

Our equine therapy program pairs students (families) and their counselors with horses to guide them through a variety of activities that helps them work through various behavioral and emotional issues.

Adventure Camp:

We offer an adventure-based team building camp to help credit-deficient teenage boys develop respect, responsibility, and self-control while canoeing the Flambeau River State Forest in northern Wisconsin. Students may earn high school credit toward graduation!

Life Skills Training:

In addition to all the other training and opportunities, Rawhide finds it important that young men learn critical life skills for overall success.

Community Service Projects:

Rawhide offers students a chance to give back to their communities and to experience the positive, rewarding feelings of helping others around them.

Church & Religious Activities:

As a faith-based organization, Rawhide encourages young men to participate in church services and youth group activities. Participation is voluntary.

Beat the Heat:

At-risk teens may have the opportunity to work alongside police officers on a drag racing car, giving them a different perspective on law enforcement.

Transition & Alumni Services:

Rawhide supports alumni for life through a variety of support efforts. “Once a Rawhide guy, always a Rawhide guy.”