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30-Day Diagnostic Clinical Assessment & Stabilization Program

Improve Outcomes & Safety with Customized Diagnostic Clinical Assessments

Our 30-Day program is designed to quickly respond to the need you have to diagnose and determine the proper treatment and placement for the youth on your case load. We will focus intently on relapse prevention, transition and aftercare development, independent living, and transferable skills. Students live in a highly structured residential setting with Professional Youth Care Workers. Upon arrival, a number of assessments will be done including psychosocial, behavioral, family dynamics, AODA, sexual issues, IQ, educational, and life skills

Our caring, professional assessment team consists of trained therapists, psychologists, and consulting psychiatrists. We have an expanded assessment package plus additional specialized diagnostic assessments that can be customized to meet your placement needs.

While at Rawhide, students’ daily routines will consist of individual and group counseling, work experience projects, and self-paced schooling. Rawhide staff will stabilize negative behaviors and achieve progress on self-control, respect, and responsibility.

Youth participating in the 30-Day Assessment and Stabilization Program will receive transitional support to help them successfully integrate into future placement alternatives.

For pricing on assessment packages, please call us at 1-888-745-7445!