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For Professionals

Youth Services

At Risk Youth Programs to Meet Your Placement Needs

Rawhide offers some of the most competitively priced and diversified at-risk youth programs in the state of Wisconsin to meet your placement and budgetary needs. Rawhide offers a variety of programs:

  1. Traditional residential placements
  2. Transitional group homes
  3. Integrated programs
  4. Treatment foster care
  5. Alumni transitional services


Rawhide Boys Ranch is a residential care center (RCC) licensed to work with young men ages 13-17.

continuum of care

In addition, Rawhide’s Youth and Family Counseling offers counseling for the entire family (including female siblings).

Rawhide also has prevention-based programs:

  1. Adventure Camp during the summer
  2. Parent Weekends offered throughout the year to all families currently enrolled in our residential programs.


Experience the Rawhide Difference

Rawhide has programs that vary in length of stay, residential goals, outcomes and costs to meet your placement needs. We also provide a variety of integrated programs that are truly unique that will enhance the outcomes we strive to achieve with each at-risk youth.

We are committed to continually improving our services to meet the needs of families and placing agencies.

Call us at 1-888-745-7445