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Work Experience Program

The work experience program is available for any Rawhide student who has shown responsibility and an aptitude to learn.

Just like any job search, students :

  • Create a resume
  • Complete an application
  • Interview for open positions

Once hired, training begins for their new position.

There are a number of different work experience positions available throughout Rawhide:

  • Vehicle Program
    • Detailing cars, boats, campers, etc.
    • Minor repair work on cars, boats, campers, etc.
  • Food Service
    • Dishwashing
    • Food preparation
  • Facilities
    • Lawn maintenance
    • Basic construction
  • Administration
    • Basic office skills
    • Customer Service
  • Stables
    • Animal care and maintenance
    • Barn maintenance

Our work experience program teaches transferable job skills

  • Working under direction
  • Personal discipline
  • Good work ethic
  • Interviewing skills
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills


These skills help the student build confidence in performing job functions, as well as giving them experience to help them get a job in the future.