Parents FAQs

Below are some commonly asked questions about Rawhide Boys Ranch, who is eligible to be placed at Rawhide, and the intake process.

Please take a moment to browse the topics below and your questions will likely be answered. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please feel free to submit your question to us.

How is a young man admitted to a Rawhide program?

What is the average length of stay at Rawhide?

What is the cost of the program?

How do I start the admission process?

How soon can I bring my son to Rawhide?

I have MA or other insurance, will they pay for placement costs?

Are there other Rawhide facilities in other states?

Do you accept girls?

Do you offer drug and alcohol treatment?

Where and with whom do the young men live?

What kind of educational services are offered?

What therapeutic services are offered?

What types of extra-curricular activities are provided?

How are medical needs met?

How would you describe the spiritual dimension of Rawhide?

What personal belongings are the students allowed to have while at Rawhide?

What forms of discipline are used?

How often can students visit their families and friends?