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Individual, Group & Family Counseling

There are a number of issues that at-risk teenage boys have to contend with today including understanding emotions, anger management, boundaries, criminal thinking, and alcohol and other drug abuse. When your son enters our program, he is given a series of assessments to help us identify his challenges and determine the best way to help him.

After we have an opportunity to meet with your son, we will be able to determine the areas of need and set specific, personalized treatment goals. As part of his treatment, your son will attend individual and group counseling to address his issues.

Family counseling is also strongly recommended and has proven to be an effective approach to help build and reconcile important family relationships.

Individual, Group & Family Counseling – Session Descriptions

  • Individual Counseling Services
    • Provided by social workers/therapists at least once per week
    • Daily coaching is provided by living unit staff.
  • Family Counseling Services
    • Focuses on
      • Healthy communication
      • Respect
      • Parenting issues
      • Anger management
      • Conflict resolution
  • Group Counseling Services
    • Provided by social workers/therapists on a twice-weekly basis.
    • Programs include:
      • Anger Management
      • AODA
      • Dating and Sexuality
      • Criminal Thinking Errors
      • Boundaries
      • Leadership
      • Equine Assisted Therapy.

Our certified social workers and therapists have extensive experience working with struggling teens. We also offer a consulting psychologist who assists in performing assessments and therapy when needed.