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Case Management

Better Case Management With Rawhide Assistance

We know that most social workers have very heavy caseloads they are trying to manage. Although we cannot take over your caseloads, Rawhide can make the cases you refer to us easier in a number of ways:

  1. Relationship based approach– we understand the importance of having a strong relationship in order to work together.
  2. Completed assessments– clinical assessments provide valuable information regarding behavioral, personality, education, and living skills for each case in order to make more informed treatment decisions.
  3. Treatment Team approach– gives a comprehensive overview of the progress of the treatment plan from the perspective of all team members including the social worker/therapist, living unit staff, educational liaison, transition workers, and job trainers.
  4. Highly trained residential staff– increases the likelihood of success.
  5. Timely communication and feedback– provides the information you need in a timely fashion to help you meet your recordkeeping requirements and deadlines.
  6. Prompt, accurate recordkeeping– ensures the information you need is available when you need it.
  7. Collaborative approach– working together with the treatment team will help determine the best possible treatment plan.
  8. Transition services– helps improve the success rate of each student at no extra cost to the county or state. Students have alumni resources available to help them make positive connections in the community in which they will be living.

Reliable Case Management

Case Management is facilitated by ongoing communication with each placing agency. Goals are set for each youth within the first three weeks, along with individualized objectives and tasks. Progress is reviewed every six weeks and written progress reports are mailed to the placing agency. These reviews gather input from the youth, family, placing agency, and Rawhide Treatment Team members.