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Rawhide Dealer Web Sale (New London, WI)

Rawhide Certified:  Guaranteed Vehicles At Your Fingertips for Wholesale Dealerships

Each vehicle is fully inspected and disclosed so you can feel confident with your purchase!

  1. Items are available for sale as soon as they are posted on the website.
  2. Inspection information is provided and backed by our Rawhide Certified guarantee.
  3. To view photos of a vehicle, simply click on the “Photos” link just below the Stock #.
    • Click on each photo to see a larger image
    • Use the online magnifying glass to get a closer look.
  4. Buyers are encouraged to preview items before final bidding and purchase.
  5. Rawhide reserves the right to pull any listed sale item before the actual sale.
  6. You must be a state licensed wholesale dealer registered with Rawhide to buy.
  7. To purchase a vehicle simply click on “Buy This Vehicle” to submit your request and one of our sales reps will contact you to confirm your offer to purchase.
  8. Rawhide’s buy fee is only $25.
  9. Competitively priced transportation services. Multi-unit discounts are available.