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Bart Starr Autograph

Bart and Cherry Starr are living legends in Wisconsin and across the county due to Bart’s career as a NFL Hall of Fame and two time MVP Super Bowl Quarterback with the Green Bay Packers and their roles as Co-Founders of Rawhide Boys Ranch and supporters of numerous worthy charitable causes.  They have given endless amounts of time, resources, and effort in helping to support Rawhide and the mission of helping at-risk youth and their families.

For several decades Bart has signed autographs for individuals in support of Rawhide.  Due to some health issues and related recovery Bart is unable to sign autographs at this time. (effective September 8, 2014)  Should this change in the near future and you would like a Bart Starr autograph, we will update our website and inform you.  We appreciate your understanding and should you have any questions please feel free to contact us via the contact page.

Bart and Cherry Starr continue to encourage your financial support of Rawhide via a cash donation of your choice and appreciate all you do to invest in our youth.  Please partner with Bart and Cherry to help the troubled youth and families at Rawhide Boys Ranch.

Thank you for supporting Rawhide Boys Ranch in this way!