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Car Donation Process

Thank you for your interest in Rawhide’s Car Donation Process.

  1. The Car Donation Process is fast and simple with reliable service provided by our friendly staff.
  2. Donating a car to our charity will help at risk youth and families turn their lives around.
  3. Rawhide’s car donation program accepts donations of both running and non-running vehicles in any condition.
  4. The easy car donation process can be started online or by phone at 1-800-729-4433.
  5. Your donation benefits both our program and you as car donations are eligible for an IRS tax deduction and we will pick up your vehicle for free.
  6. Funds generated by your car donation support our programs and services. These funds are used to help at-risk youth and their families. Our homes for young men, counseling and education services rely on your car donation. In addition Rawhide is dedicated to helping distressed families with counseling services.
Car donations are accepted nationwide!
We have two day service in many areas; check your states page for more information.
Wisconsin Illinois Iowa Minnesota
Michigan Alabama Georgia California
Florida New York Texas Maryland

In addition to car donations we accept donations of boats, RVs, and motorcycles.
Questions? Contact our friendly staff at 1-800-RAWHIDE or by email