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Archives for January 2014

Tips For Those Who Donate Car Milwaukee Communities

Donating a car to charity in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a fantastic thing to do. However, you do have to know what you are doing so here are some hints and tips for you. First of all, when you donate car Milwaukee charities can make use of, it is recommended that you only do so with a charity that you truly trust and know.

You can donate car to charity through a number of organizations, so do take the time to look into what are available. The work they do should truly benefit the community, or even the world, as a whole. Charities that have names that sound familiar but not quite (Habitat for Humans rather than Habitat for Humanity) or charities that have very cute sounding names should be avoided. They are often not really what they make themselves out to be.

Charity Efficiency

Next, you should look into how much a particular charity will actually get. The best car donation charities have at least 80% of the gross donation returned to them. Generally speaking, the highest returns are found in the charities that accept donations directly. If they have to go through an intermediary company, a lot of the money that would be raised through auctioning the vehicle could end up going to the intermediary, with only about 35% going to the charity itself.

This is why you should also make sure that you sign the title deed of your vehicle over to the charity itself and not to anyone else. You should never leave your title blank under the “buyer” section. If you do, then you could face two very significant problems. First of all, until that section has been completed, you are still liable for the car. This means that if it isn’t transferred properly, it will be your fault. Secondly, there is a chance that the charity will receive nothing from the funds that are raised by auctioning the vehicle, as the seller could put any name in the blank part of your title.

How Your Donation Is Used

When you donate car Milwaukee charities are going to make use of, you need to find out how your donation gets handled as well. The best Milwaukee car donation charities will pick up the vehicle by having it towed by a properly insured and licensed company. Additionally, a licensed dealer should deal with the legalities of the transfer itself.

Also, always ask as to how the charity intends to spend the money that it will be getting. Look into the efficiency of the charitable organization. The money that they raise by selling your vehicle should go directly to financing the work they intend to do. Some charities spend an inordinate amount of the money on administrative fees or other costs, and this isn’t what you want your money to go to.

Meanwhile, donating a vehicle to charity isn’t very difficult. Indeed, all you have to do is go online and tell your chosen charity that you have a vehicle to donate. However, you do have to spend a little bit of time figuring out whether or not you are actually donating to the right Milwaukee donate car organization and how they intend to use and spend your money for the furthering of their goals.

Culver Restaurants Founder Inspires Troubled Youth

We invite many inspiring speakers to visit and share their stories with everyone at Rawhide. On October 8th, 2013, Craig Culver, chief executive and co-founder of Culver restaurants made an appearance in our Fine Arts Auditorium at Starr Academy to share his inspiring story of success with our students and staff.

Mr. Culver explained that things didn’t come easily to him and his family as they started the Culver’s franchise. In fact, he admits that he never wanted to work in the restaurant business, and he failed more than once during his journey. But it didn’t stop him from working hard for what he wanted. So what makes a ButterBurger® better? Craig Culver explains that his success was received through perseverance and hospitality.

Craig Culver grew up in the restaurant business. In 1961 at the age of 11, his parents bought a small A&W drive-in restaurant in Sauk City, Wisconsin. There, he helped his family at the drive- in. In 1968, his parents decided to sell the A&W when Craig went off to attend college at UW Oshkosh. There he studied and received a degree in Biology. Shortly after his family sold the A&W, his father bought a small resort near Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin. They named the resort Culver’s Farm Kitchen and Resort. One day, Craig’s father asked him if he would like to become the general manager of the resort. Craig was not interested, so he told his father no. His father then decided to sell the resort.

After a few years of trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, Craig Culver ended up in the restaurant business once again when he took a job as a trainee manager at a McDonald’s in Madison, Wisconsin. Even though he never really wanted to work in the restaurant business, he learned a lot about the business from the McDonald’s crew and grew to love it. He explained that he learned life lessons while in the business with his parents as well. His mother and father were always hospitable to their guests at the Culver’s Farm Kitchen and Resort, and Craig truly believes that great hospitality is what keeps people coming back.

After he worked for McDonald’s for three and a half years, Craig Culver finally found that he wanted to run a restaurant of his own. He decided that he wanted to buy back that very first A&W that his family ran when he was a kid, and start his own restaurant.  In 1984, he convinced his father and together they purchased it and ran the small restaurant as a family once again. Before their business finally soared, they sold the A&W and bought it back once more, changed the concept and finally started selling the things Culver’s customers still love today, the ButterBurger® and frozen custard.

Culver restaurants didn’t take off right away, but finally after about a year, the word got out and people started to come to the little place in Sauk City that sold really good ButterBurgers® and custard. Baraboo, Wisconsin is the home of the very first successful Culver’s franchise, and remains one the biggest Culver’s in the state.

After his story, Craig Culver let our students interact with him by letting them ask him questions. Our students were very engaged, and asked several questions about Culver restaurants.

Craig Culver’s story of hard work, hospitality and perseverance was a great story for our students to hear. It showed them that if they work hard for something that they want, they can achieve their goals. He encouraged our students to “listen to the people in life telling them the right messages,” because those messages can be useful in their life. Rawhide greatly appreciates that Mr. Culver’s took the time to visit and share his interesting story with our students and staff.

Meet Rawhide’s Vehicle Donation Program Director, Miles Smith

We have great staff at Rawhide, with helpful, hardworking and friendly individuals who are doing their part in helping to change the lives of at-risk youth. In our Vehicle Donations Program, there are many individuals whose jobs help make our donations program successful.

One of these individuals is Miles Anthony Smith. Miles is the Director of Vehicle Donations and Digital Marketing at Rawhide. He joined Rawhide’s Vehicle Donations Team in 2012. Miles’ job keeps him busy as there are essentially two parts to the work he does. First, he works on marketing for the Vehicle program. The other part of his job includes operations of the Vehicle Donations Program. He makes sure that the process of donating a vehicle to Rawhide is more efficient for our customers. Miles has some favorite things about his job at Rawhide. One of these is the impact that Rawhide has on making a difference in the lives of our students and their families. He also appreciates the strong management team that he is working with  and believes that they all work very well together. Miles was interested in taking the job at Rawhide because he knew a couple of people who had worked here before, and because of his connection with these people, he was confident in knowing that Rawhide would be a good cultural fit for him.

Some interesting facts about Miles; he is originally from Indiana, but he came to Wisconsin all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2008. There, he attended Oral Roberts University and obtained an undergraduate degree in music composition, and has been playing the violin and viola for most of his life. He also attended Oklahoma State University, where he earned his Master’s in Business Administration.

On his days off, Miles enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and three children. He enjoys being a father, watching his children grow up and being there to help guide them through their lives. He also enjoys completing hands-on projects around his house during the weekends, like fixing things or working on his family’s cars.

Miles is most passionate about being a leader and has made it his personal life mission. He enjoys having a role in helping coach and developing others because he knows that he is able to make a long lasting impact on people that benefit them throughout their lives. Leadership is such a big part of Miles’ life that he even wrote a book entitled “Why Leadership Sucks.”

If Miles could be any type of vehicle, he says he would be a cruiser motorcycle because he enjoys riding motorcycles.

When asked what his autobiography would be entitled and written about, Miles says the title should be “What Was He Thinking?” because his career has taken many twists and turns, including moving his family all the way to Wisconsin in 2008. He hopes to be remembered for making an impact on the lives of every person that he came into contact with. He enjoys coaching others, and is most comfortable serving people.

It is obvious that Miles is a natural leader and enjoys guiding and helping others. It is no wonder that Rawhide seems to be a perfect fit for Miles’ career goals and the path he chose, since it is our mission to help others in need. And Miles contributes to that.

Rawhide’s School Needs New Track Shoes

Our students may choose from a wide variety of activities, sports, and sports teams in which to participate. One team that has proven to be rather successful in the last few years is the Starr Academy Track Team. And they are in need of new track shoes for the troubled youth who play on this team.

Believe it or not, Rawhide has had a track team for over 14 years, and every year it grows in popularity. On average, there are about 12 students who will join the team each season, including a few students who are part of the team for consecutive seasons. In the past, almost half of the students staying here were part of the track team.

Our track team, like any other sports team, offers our students many valuable advantages. Being part of a team teaches our students how to get along with others and how to be a team player. It also teaches them how to become patient and persistent. These are important values for anyone to learn during their formative years.

There are emotional, physical and spiritual advantages that the track team offers our students. It builds their confidence level because it allows them to believe that they can accomplish great things for themselves and others. “It gives them a warrior mentality that they can do anything,” says Tony, the head track coach here at Starr Academy.

Track also helps our students develop a more positive attitude and trains them to be aware of their abilities. They were given the talent to be athletic, and the track team allows them to use those talents. Physically, it teaches them the knowledge it takes to live a healthy lifestyle and helps them get into shape. Additionally, being part of the track team teaches our students skills of preparation. It takes preparation and practice in any sport to become a great athlete, but preparation is also an important skill that can be applied to any aspect in life.

With all of the significant lessons and experiences that the track team provides for our students, we would like to continue this program as part of our mission in helping at risk youth better their lives. We believe that the track team is essential to our students’ progress. Would you like to make a difference in a young man’s life? You can help buy new track shoes with a small donation. Help support our cause by making a donation.